Statewide Marketing Meeting Minutes April 2017

Statewide Marketing Session for April 2017
Submitted by Louise Norwood


The April Statewide Marketing Session was held on Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 at the Keller Williams Training Room at 168 South River Road in Bedford.  This month’s breakfast sponsor was Robert Cruess of TF Moran with offices in both Bedford and Portsmouth.  Since 1968 the team at TF Moran has been leading northern New England with innovative land planning and development initiatives.  Their full service engineering and survey firm has professionals with over two centuries of combined experience across a broad range of disciplines, offering unparalleled knowledge and expertise.  Their professionals include licensed civil and structural engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, wetland scientists, LEED professionals, along with certified storm water specialists and due to TF Moran’s exceptional  performance and outstanding civic contributions, Business NH Magazine named TF Moran as the 2016 Business of the Year in the Construction/Engineering/Real Estate category.  New  Hampshire Business Review readers selected TF Moran as the recipient of the 2017 Best of Business (BOB) aware in the category of Engineering.  TF Moran is honored to have received this award for the fifth consecutive year.

Thank you, Robert, for a delicious breakfast.  We are most appreciative.


Bill Jean of Fulcrum Associates concentrates in the southern New Hampshire realm but also deals throughout the State of New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.  Their specialty is tenant improvement fit-up and ground up development.  Bill explained that they prefer to get involved early on in the building process giving clients the best possible, current pricing.  Their firm’s data offers the most comprehensive data making them stand out in their field.  Bill went on to say that having membership in CIBOR offers a business owner a tremendous resource in terms of interfacing with other business professionals.  By interacting with fellow members you and your company are exposed to a host of networking opportunities.  CIBOR is the ultimate rolodex!


Robert Cruess of TF Moran Engineering has been servicing the southern New Hampshire communities for some years and offers commercial brokers a very noteworthy service in providing a draft layout.  This resource is invaluable to a buyer wishing to understand what type of structure, size of structure and the ratio of land, parking and code setbacks necessary to make decisions on going forward with a project.  Robert has been our advocate in providing the brokerage community with that necessary tool.  TF Moran has been instrumental in bringing membership together with their annual CIBOR cook-out which will be held this year on June 8th at their headquarters at 48 Constitution Drive in Bedford at which time the Realtor of the Year and the Affiliate of the Year will be announced.  Robert is also on the membership committee promoting the growth of our trade organization.


Bob Viel of the Bean Group pitched a listing for a well established business netting a $103,000 profit with providing a breakfast and lunch venue.  Should a restauranteur offer a dinner menu, one could double their profits.  In addition, Bob is marketing a twelve lot subdivision situated directly on the water front in the much desired Dover Point.  Conceptuals are available for review should your client have interest.  In addition Bob is seeking a pad site with related parking for a potential 6,000 s.f. sports bar generally in the Lafayette Road area Dover to Seabrook.  Bob made attendees aware of a 7.9 acre site on Route 125 in Barrington which currently has a 4,000 s.f. residence and a 2,000 s.f. restaurant space.  Lastly, Bob expects to begin marketing a five unit, family owned building with a tremendous upside in the Manchester area heading towards Elliot Hospital.


Tami Mallett of the Bean Group touted a 112 +/- acre subdivision located in Danville, NH being marketed for sale at $950,000.  Tami has been appointed the broker of record for a 40 acre horse farm in Hampton Falls which has a manager’s residence and two house lots which will be online by mid May.


Leighton White of Leighton White is back with us after a year interlude.  Good to see Leighton back with us.  Leighton White Company has been in the excavation business for some 39 years and is headquartered in Milford, New Hampshire now having 35 people in their employ. Their company has much in the line of stone product available i.e. sand, gravel, large stone to prevent erosion, stones for walls and slabs of granite along with their specialty skills in the “site work” arena.   Prior to going into the business Leighton was involved in buying and selling real estate and still dabbles on occasion.


Doug Martin of Colliers International is seeking industrial buildings of any size and shape for their waiting list of users both for sale and/or lease.  Doug announced that Riley Enterprises who is well known in the community for office ownership has purchased Bethany Commons directly across the street from Keller-Williams.  These twin stand-alone buildings have great visibility directly on the South River Road corridor.

Doug also wanted to remind us that Colliers is marketing the Sebbins Brook Marketplace in Bedford for lease which is a stellar retail/office marketplace at 410 South River Road.  Lastly, Doug has just listed an historic downtown office building for sale at $725,000 or for lease at $10.00 to $12.00 psf NNN.


Adam MacDonald, office manager of City Wide of New Hampshire, explained that they provide a whole menu of services including janitorial and related supplies.  They work in tandem with property management companies and would love to partner with those companies not as a competitor but as a resource in providing those services that need assistance with.


Ed Delamater of City Wide of New Hampshire introduced their business concepts in providing unique oversight for property management companies.  City Wide is a national firm having been in business since 1961.  They provide additional services such as a night manager to check the vendors who clean as well as making weekly checks.  They can also handle post construction clean-up after the work crews have vacated the properties.


Larry Hirsch of Hirsch and Company has an investor looking for newer construction property either apartment buildings or a group of condominiums.  This individual is most aggressive and will be prompt  in his decision making process.  In addition Larry has a 23,000 s.f. multi tenanted office building deriving an income of $137,000.  The sales price is $1,350,000 with much upside potential.  This free standing building has an abundance of parking.  The current owners wish to retire so are divesting themselves of their commercial properties.  Larry is also marketing a 13,000 s.f. brick office building at a lease rate of $9.95 psf modified gross.


Steve Mangekian of Alpha Inspections employs five inspectors throughout the state both in the commercial and residential sectors.  They are skilled to conduct all types of assessments whether a site assessment or waste water just to name a few.  In addition, they are on the approved vendor list.  Steve said he was approached by a commercial food manufacturing plant in upstate Massachusetts that deals in flavorings and additives to produce a report on the scale of a residential inspection vs. commercial.  Obviously that was unacceptable as is signing his name to a report that has been authored by another agency.  His company runs the gamut of properties that they inspect on a regular basis – as an example they recently performed an inspection on a 20,000 s.f. antique business in Campton; a restaurant and night club in Massachusetts and a building in Londonderry that operates a local music venue.


Tim Wege of New Star Properties is headquartered in Londonderry.  Tim has the man power and skill set to keep the books on the finances of a condominium association providing sharp financial information and keeping the lines of communication clear with the board of directors and/or owners of any commercial property.  Please keep Tim in mind for any of your owners who are seeking a property management venue to alleviate the hours involved with self management.


Adam Johnston of Optima Bank and Trust explained that they specialize in commercial and industrial lending and all types of business lending services.  Adam went on to say that they have a 4.5 million dollar lending capacity.  In addition Adam oversees CIBOR Cares and is heading up the committee that has been making the arrangements for our third annual awards evening.  The third annual event will be held on June 20th.  The committee is in need of nominations which will give great exposure for your Realtor firm.  Please contact Adam for additional details.


Steve Scheiner of St. Mary’s Bank thanked Bill Jean of Fulcrum Construction for providing the resources of his company at CIBOR.  St. Mary’s is a local credit union and in fact is the first in the national credit union.  Their minimum loan amount is $100,000 up to 7.5 million dollars.  Any dollar amount over that will be partnered with one of their participating loan institutions.  Steve touted the fact that they can offer a quick turn around to any loan application.


Jay Lee of NAI Norwood Group, Inc. is working with a buyer for strip centers who can afford up to $5,000,000 – this same individual is seeking a 5,000 to 7,000 sf slot to establish a restaurant as well.  In addition Jay has an investor seeking ¾ of an acre up to 3 acres for a retail application capable of spending up to $5,000,000 cash.  Jay announced that he is organizing a “brokers only” networking meeting to share information on buyers and sellers as well as any listings they wish to make others aware of.  The first meeting of this type will be next Tuesday, May 2nd, at 9:00 a.m. at Jay’s home office at NAI Norwood Group, 116 South River Road here in Bedford.  Please call Jay should you have any questions.


Scott Kingsley of Primary Bank has built up quite a name for themselves in the construction loan venue.  Primary was written up in the New Hampshire Business Review as to their incredible 200% growth since their inception September of 2015.  They have now loaned out 75 million dollars in commercial loans.  Scott has much to be proud of with their rapid growth rate with a local bank still in its infancy.


Brian Hansen of Team Engineering explained that their company does a multitude of site evaluations.  Their forte is in the realm of structural assessments.  Team Engineering has recently moved their business headquarters to Bedford Heights on Palomino Drive in Bedford.


Lisa Guerin of ServiceMaster Disaster deals on a 24/7 basis in restorative services.  They have the in house skills to deal with fire, water, mold remediation as well as vandalism.  ServiceMaster has been operating for some twenty-eight years and even though the call may be after hours, call the 800 number and you will talk to a real person.


Ray Sirois of ServiceMaster Disaster is a franchise serving the community at large.  They all came together to help each other when Katrina hit as well as other hurricane disasters in Florida.  ServiceMaster offers a full service venue to assist when disaster strikes.


Justin Mikolyski of Creative Office Pavilion will take into consideration when planning out office space the areas where power and data would be located.  They can provide you and your client with actual renderings and tour you through their show room in the mills which display all price ranges of office furnishings and finishes.  Their project management team is capable of producing three D cut outs to enhance a realistic prototype.  Justin encourages making contact early in the process to get the most efficient plan.  They pride themselves on having excellent installers to carry out the integrity of the plans.


Guy Chapman of Chapman Construction joined us standing in for Justin Powers.  Their construction management company operates from their headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts and have been in the business for the last thirty years.  With seventy employees they can tackle any size project.  Their supervisors have overseen an extensive portfolio of properties.  Chapman Construction interfaces with property managers, architects and commercial brokers coordinating retrofits and new construction.  Some of their clientele are Velcro, Dell, Health South and Liberty Mutual.


Michelle Marshall of People’s United Bank, a first time attendee, is actively looking for properties for their commercial investors.  People’s United deals in commercial lending and can be most creative in offering smaller lending packages.  As many of their clients have been associated with their bank for the past forty years, they are very familiar with the Manchester marketplace having serviced clients for decades.  Michelle commented that their existing clients are continually looking for investment projects to sink their teeth into.


Joanne McGovern, also of People’s United Bank, stated that they have money to lend and being a business banker right in the heart of the market all lending decisions are made here locally.  People’s United Bank covers all of New England with their home office being located in Bridgeport, Connecticut for some 170 years.  They really do not have a ceiling amount but regularly make loans that other banks cannot compete with.


Kaylee Gendron of Office Interiors has a local presence being owned and operated by New Hampshire residents.  All decision making is done inhouse with free consultations to clients utilizing block and space planning.  In the interest of projecting a creative introduction to the public, Kaylee has recently had her business card redesigned.


Marie Bodi of CP Management represents a third party management company servicing all types of properties.  Marie offered kudos to Brian Hansen for conveying his in depth knowledge on sprinkler systems at the Seacoast Marketing Session under adverse conditions.  CP Management’s scope of regions that they travel to are Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.


Jeff Brown of TD Bank has a cash buyer interested in multi units throughout New Hampshire.  Jeff can definitely add value to a commercial transaction with his expertise in the banking world and with his top notch service.  Jeff invited everyone to view a play that he will be partaking in “Fiddler on the Roof” starting May 5th at the Kittery Star Theatre.


Ben Brown of Fulcrum Associates explained that the company is a family owned business headquartered in Amherst having resources to cost out a construction bid with much precision and clarity.  To their credit Fulcrum has been involved in a host of projects including the Fisher Cat Stadium improvements which were on time and within budget; C Squared in Auburn; Cooper Door in Salem and the Old Weathervane soon to be Murphy’s Tavern in Bedford.  Ben Brown and Bill Jean make a fine team working together to service your client’s construction and fit-up needs.


Christine Burke of Burke Emergency specializes in all types of remediation from mold, smoke, floor damage, ice issues, removal of medical waste and whatever life throws at a property owner.  She pointed out that they are not a franchise but a local, family owned business.  They will provide free estimates and travel throughout the state of New Hampshire and York County, Maine.  They regularly partner with other vendors all of whom are certified.  Christine encouraged the members to read their reviews online and also stated that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Additionally, they are on the preferred vendor list for major insurance carriers.


Duane Himes of Weston/Sampson is in the practice of construction oversight and contamination assessments for larger projects typically involved with state and local community municipalities.  They work hand in hand with structural architects and landscape architects overseeing construction for municipal pools, waste water treatment plants and like type facilities.  Additionally, they are involved with wind turbines, energy efficiency programs  and Phase I assessments.  For a laundry list of their specialties please contact Duane.


Greg West of 3D New England offers 3D media systems showcasing whatever project you need to portray to the general public whether by virtual tours or a 3D dollhouse view; inside view or floorplan view.  His techniques are of value to real estate practitioners to display properties and contractors to offer a new form of  “as built” display.  Much of his work involves those in the architectural field in the hotel and large building projects.  Welcome to Greg and hope we see you at our next meeting.


Jeff Lessard of NAI Norwood Group, Inc. has a 700 s.f. condo unit for lease at $700 per month on Eastman Avenue in Bedford which is a great value for a small user.  In addition, Jeff has listed a shovel ready retail site just off Route 101-A in Amherst at a build to suite lease rate of $12.00 psf modified gross.  Approvals are in place for a retail offering up to 12,000 s.f.


Eric Crisman of Brookstone Builders, Inc. touted the benefits he and his firm derive by belonging to NH CIBOR and that he has enjoyed the fine group of people who attend the various events that are offered on a regular basis.  The referral system has been most beneficial to his business.  Brookstone is a preferred contractor with TD Bank.  For more information on Brookstone Builders, please contact Eric.


Jeff Boufford of Boyd and Boufford Insurance Agency is a provider for all types of business insurance needs including without other limitations to industrial property right up to Class A office buildings.  They provide specialty insurance packages covering Lessors’ Risk, vacant buildings, retail shopping plazas, condominium D & O, self-storage/warehouse space and environmental site liability.  As volume builds, he can provide even better rates to the consumer. Jeff is also heading up the affiliate membership committee so for those who have designs on joining, please contact him.  Thank you, Jeff, for setting up the meeting room each month and dismantling it for us as well as making copies of the attendence sheets for all.  Much appreciated.


Louise Norwood of NAI Norwood Group, Inc. has listed a new double unit business condominium at 80 Palomino Drive in Bedford consisting of 2,560 s.f. which was formerly utilized by a physical therapist.  It is being offered at a lease rate of $12.00 psf NNN or for sale at a purchase price of $295,000.  In addition, one of their more recent property listings is a state of the art office condominium on 124 Bedford Center Road in Bedford consisting of three contiguous condos ideal for medical, office and tech services.  Built by Fulcrum Construction the excellent build out offers a versatile floor layout and is being offered either as a whole of 5,900 s.f. or two units of 4,000 s.f. or 1,900 s.f. either for sale or lease.


Thank you all for your participation and for taking the time to attend.  Hope each individual can take away some piece of information, referral or benefit from these meetings.  And many thanks go to Robert Cruess of TF Moran who sponsored our breakfast this month and who continually supports NH CIBOR in so many aspects.  We are indeed grateful to him and to all the folks at TF Moran.


Please bring to the next meeting any paperwork on your company, skill sets, marketing materials and property listings so that the information is as accurate as possible.   Have a great Spring and see you in May.

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