New Hampshire Association of REALTORS® Resources:

Legislative Affairs File

NHAR provides an overview of political advocacy and legislative activities in the prior year. NHAR also maintains a Legislative Affairs File, providing an overview of all the legislative bills that NHAR follows, as well as NHAR’s stance on each bill. This file can be viewed by clicking the link at the top of the Legislative Activities page.

New Laws Document

NHAR provides an annual report of all the bills that were passed in the last legislative season. These reports are not published, but will be sent out once per year to members.

New Hampshire Legislation Search (external link)

An online search feature showing the status of state level legislative bills.

New Hampshire REALTORS® Political Action Committee

This voluntary non-profit, unincorporated committee is not affiliated with any political party. Comprised primarily of REALTORS®, along with other industry professionals, the Committee is an Affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee. NH RPAC is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of collecting political contributions as defined in Section 41C, 1 a-e of the Internal Revenue Code, including the expenditure of such funds for the purpose of supporting or opposing referenda questions and further the candidacy of individuals for nomination of election to any federal, state, or elective office.

Issues Mobilization Fund (IMF)

The IMF is sustained by personal and corporate contributions, and is used to promote member and public support or opposition for critical real estate issues, such as proposed laws or regulations. These funds are primarily used for media relations and various lobbying activities with a strong emphasis on public awareness. IMF funds can only be used for issue advocacy and cannot be used to support or oppose any state or federal candidate.

For more information on State resources available to REALTORS® consult the NHAR’s summary of Legislative Resources.

For more information on the direct actions and involvement of NHCIBOR, contact the Governmental Affairs Committee chair.