Federal Advocacy Resources:

National Association of REALTORS® Action Center:

This is a grassroots online communications system which allows REALTORS® to stay informed about NAR’s lobbying agenda and be involved in public policy issues relevant to the real estate industry. All actions taken by REALTORS® through this website are tracked in real time and can be viewed by Call-For-Action, by Congressional district or state, or by individual REALTORS®.

National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Commercial and Investment Real Estate:

Commercial Market Insights Magazine

Federal Legislation Resources:

Contact a Federal Legislative Representative

This link provides a summary of the House representative and member of Senate representing New Hampshire, including contact information

Federal Legislation Search

Search real-estate relevant bill statutes

For more information on Federal resources available to REALTORS® visit the NAR’s Political Advocacy page or learn about their REALTORS® Political Action Committee.

For more information on the direct actions and involvement of NHCIBOR, contact the Governmental Affairs Committee chair.