President’s Message

President’s Message
Kathy DeMello

It’s hard to believe we are through the first quarter of 2017.  Those of us in the Commercial Real Estate industry, and our associated professions, are enjoying the most robust market we have seen in years!  The demand in New Hampshire is in the industrial and retail markets.  On the industrial side, we are experiencing low inventory and high demand for warehouse/industrial space.  More retail space is becoming available as new strip malls continue to pop up across the state, and rents are on the rise.

We, on the NHCIBOR Board, can’t believe the first quarter is gone and we are approaching the middle of the second quarter.  We’ve formed a task force to recommend the process for putting a Statewide Commercial Designation in place.  We are wrapping up our Strategic Plan, which will carry us through 2019.  We’ve published our stand on rising energy costs in the state, urged the Governor to take action.  We are working to address the storm water drainage regulations/issue our state is facing, helping legislators to understand the potential devastating effect the regulations could have on development in New Hampshire in the near future.  And we are not half way through the year!

These are a few of the ways the Board works to provide meaningful benefits to our members.  Additionally, our education committee continues to roll out outstanding opportunities to learn more about our industry in the form of education programs and seminars.  Join us on May 12th, in Portsmouth, when Bob Quinn, NHAR’s Government Affairs Director, hold an open discussing on critical issues affecting our business.  Check out the NHCIBOR website for details.   They are working on presenting national speakers and webinars, so stand by!

A great way to do business is through our Monthly Marketing Meetings.  Join other commercial brokers and affiliates in trading leads at the Seacoast Marketing Meeting in Portsmouth, the Pease International Tradeport, the third Friday of every month, 8:30 SHARP, or the Statewide Marketing Meeting in Bedford, at Keller Williams Metropolitan, 168 South River Road, the 4th Wednesday of every month, 9:00 a.m.  Bring your info on your buyers and seller and watch the magic happen!

Our Special Events committee continue to put together other great opportunities to network across the state.  I can’t wait to see you at all of these events!

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