Seacoast Marketing Meeting Minutes December 2016

16 December 2016
New Hampshire Commercial Investment Board of Realtors
Minutes of Seacoast Marketing Session.

Robert Cruess with TFM/MSC was the breakfast sponsor.  TFM/MSC is a regional engineering and surveying firm that also offers landscape architecture and civil engineering along with structural engineering.  They have a staff of 12 structural engineers and are working on projects from Texas to Connecticut to Massachusetts to New Hampshire.  They are happy to accomplish quick site drawings to illustrate potential.  They seek to hire 3 more civil engineers and 2 more structural engineers.  Instead of giving out pens, they wrote a check for 1 thousand dollars to NHCIBOR Cares.
Cash Buyers

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture helps with Designs, Budgets, Codes, and Aesthetics in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Bob Marchewka with One Commercial thanked Christian Stallkamp and Robert Cruess for joining the NHCIBOR Board.  Bob also congratulated Laura Farago for receiving the President’s Award for her work on the education committee.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE thanked Bob for recruiting him to join the board.  Christian has a buyer looking for 15,000 to 25,000 sf of industrial to buy on the Seacoast.  They can move quickly.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum offers CM services from Amherst, New Hampshire for TI or new in any sector.

Jurgen Demisch is an investor looking for opportunities after having operated and sold Concord’s Colonial Inn on Monument Square in Concord, Massachusetts.  He currently owns 3 box stores across the country.  Jurgen also is looking to sell or joint venture with the development of a 34 acre parcel 4 miles west of the Lee Circle on Route 4.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy in East Hampstead, New Hampshire sells electric and natural gas at rates that outperform the utilities.

Kaylee Gendron with Office Interiors is working in to a sales spot and happy to help with interiors and furnishings.

Ellen Bates with Office Interiors says give them a call for assisting with contract furnishings.

Tom Duffy with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has a buyer of apartments looking to spend up to 12 million dollars.  They have already closed on one deal and are looking for more.

Adam Johnson with Optima Bank offers commercial, business, and real estate lending.

Joe Friedman with Brooks Properties is always looking for 20,000 to 80,000 sf of office and industrial flex space along the I-93 corridor from Manchester to Massachusetts.

Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty has an ongoing buyer of 5 to 20 million dollar hotels, offices, or industrial who particularly likes deals with hair on them that have the icing of hazmat layers.  This is patient, long term money that can provide a quick yes, no, and close.

Robert Cruess with TFM/MSC handed out business cards that will be collectors items after they merge the brand name down the road.

Greg Schena with Masiello has someone looking for 15,000 sf of industrial and will build the same on 5 acres in the Brentwood to Epping area.

Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates in Portsmouth offers CM and design/build services.

Scott Forte with Berkshire Hathaway Verani operates in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  Scott has a cash buyer looking for 40,000 sf in Lawrence that will spend half a million to a million dollars.

Al Silva with Silva Graphics was graphic with offerings.

 Katrina Green with EnviroVantage in Epping, New Hampshire assists with remediation and demolition.

Greg Gagalis with Carey & Giampa has a hunt on for 10,000 sf of warehouse from Seabrook to Portsmouth.

Sheryl Watson with CTI communicated covering communication means in above average means.  Sheryl voiced that voice, data, and cables sing sweetly with their assistance.

Michael Bergeron with New Hampshire Department of Resources & Economic Development (NHDRED) helps commercial brokers assist their clients relocating to and expanding in New Hampshire.

Hank Beresin with First Street Brokers works with clients to value and sell businesses in New Hampshire as well as a bit in Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Nancy Carmer with Portsmouth Economic Development courts businesses considering Portsmouth and assists those here to stay and flourish.

Ethan Ash with KW Commercial has an apartment buyer looking from Newburyport to Portsmouth to Dover who is thinking of spending 5 to 15 million dollars.

Susan Miltner with Seacoast Business Machines operates the largest copier business in New Hampshire and has done so as long as she has been married, 33 years.  They are pleased that their next generation is managing their new Manchester, New Hampshire location.

Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has various investors looking for industrial on the Seacoast in the 10,000 to 50,000 sf range.  They can be vacant.  Also, Andy has another buyer looking for industrial, office, or retail in Northern New England.

Doreen Austin with Optima Bank is a commercial business lender and offered the trivia point of President Roosevelt not having a Christmas Tree at the White House since he was keenly interested in nature.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank is a commercial lender that offers a suite of products for your commercial clients to make your deals go.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank has money to lend with good turnaround time and is committed to offering committed commitments.

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA handed around economic snapshots that he highly values that are generated by Michael Bergeron’s office.  This is a good document that helps brokers.

Andy Ward with Colliers is looking for commercial land from Seabrook to Newington that has, or would allow for the creation of, 3,000 sf of office and 2,000 sf of warehouse.  This construction company is hoping to spend 800 thousand dollars or less.

Laura Farago with Colliers has an office buyer looking for 8,000 to 12,000 sf that will eventually seek to have up to 70 employees.  Their budget is 3 million dollars.

Wendy Rayno with Bank of New Hampshire offers local decisions with turning on a dime.

Pam Bishop with Federal Savings Bank has a buyer looking to spend 1.5 million dollars in an ongoing hunt.

Brian Moore with Daystar of Newington offers outsourcing of tech services for 15 to 50 person organizations.

Catie Medeiros with Kane joined us for the first time.  Welcome Catie!

Marie Bodi with CP Management has a new tag line of, “We will light up your world.”  Give us a call and we will cater to you with our concierge approach.

David Choate with Colliers has a search on for an existing auto repair place for Northern European cars, from Route 125 east.  They would like to have a parking lot to sell some vehicles too.



There is no statewide NHCIBOR meeting in December.

Bob Marchewka will be stepping down soon after a year of dedicated service as Mr. President.



Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture is assisting White Horse Addiction Center in Ossipee.  The organization has been recently started by a former UPS executive who served on a board with a similar operation in Atlanta, No Longer Bound.  Inspired by the high degree of success of this faith based program with this intense challenge, he retired at 50 and has invested a significant amount of his retirement dough into launching this.  A day program is up and running and Tony is working with them on 3 potential sites for various levels of residential programs.

Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has a number of confidential listings that he will disclose to you with a simple signature.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has the former Dover Courthouse for sale as a plum redevelopment opportunity.  One early peak at it has 5,500 sf of commercial on the first floor with 10 residential units above.  There is beautiful, intricate woodworking.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum from Amherst, New Hampshire has a development group planning to build 36 to 40 foot high industrial space in the 50,000 to 80,000 sf range and will lease 25,000 to 35,000 sf.

Jurgen Demisch is represented by Fred Attalla with Weichert for the 36 acres of land 4 miles west of the Lee Circle.  There is a post and beam commercial building that used to be an antique shop and two residential units on a small lot adjacent to the other acreage of which there is 20 usable acres.  The house is from the 1800s and a president stayed there once.  Jurgen seeks to sell or joint venture on the development and thanked Tony Fallon for the invite.

Dave Garvey with KW Commercial is offering 82 Exeter Road in Newmarket which entails a 2,800 sf 4 bay repair garage with 25 parking spots for $299,900.  A good fit for David’s hunt.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy shared some sweet savings of 7.39 cents versus 10.99 cents for electricity and 60 versus 71 dollars for natural gas.

Ellen Bates with Office Interiors was a bit hoarse from the chorus at a Christmas party the night before.  They assist developers with free peaks at how users will fit to the space for lease while keeping an eye on future growth.

Tom Duffy with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has a 138 bed, 4 year old student housing facility in Keene for 8.5 million dollars.

Adam Johnson with Optima was agreeable while sharing their aggressive lending means and ways.

Joe Friedman with Brooks Properties has some space that just opened up after a Boston Analytics grew up and out.  They did leave behind some nice lab space at Exit 2 on I-93.

Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty has some office and retail in downtown Manchester with lots of parking which is a rarity.  It is awesomely aggressively priced to boot.

Greg Schena with Masiello has a new listing of 6,000 sf on Route 1 in Seabrook.  This current retail could be light industrial since there is a loading door and the zoning allows.  The space can be subdivided to 1,000 sf.

Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates covers your entire life cycle.  They are building a daycare facility near Holy Rosary in Dover, new apartments in Portsmouth with a gym along with pet wash, and also an assisted care facility too.

Scott Forte with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has a Newmarket offering offering a 5 cap Jack.

Al Silva with Silva Graphics recently set up some signs at Lonza.

Katrina Green with EnviroVantage said they are looking for some warehouse space in the 10,000 sf range.

Greg Gagalis with Carey & Giampa has 580 Lafayette Road in Hampton and a Scott Road property that together are 1.4 million or the Lafayette Road parcel can be purchased for 995 thousand dollars.  There is also another property listed with others that could be put together for a 6 acre chunk.

Sheryl Watson with CTI noticed that at the end of the year many are calling to have their networks surveyed to ascertain if cabling is optimal.  As things progress, cabling specs change.

Michael Bergeron with NHDRED has read that the incoming administration is hoping to trim regulations and seeks to attract and keep skilled labor.

Hank Beresin with First Street Brokers has 16 businesses for sale including a glass fabrication company in SW New Hampshire that has been around for 15 years and has great management.  The owner is at the retirement stage.

Susan Miltner with Seacoast Business Machines loves this time of the year with the chance to wear her red coat, all the sparkling lights, and the chance to see people that she has enjoyed being with over the years.  If your copier is not awesome, call for an awesome accommodation.

Nancy Carmer with Portsmouth Economic Development reminded us that the GSA is looking for  office space for those shifting out of the McIntyre Federal Building.  A flyer recently came out for the Social Security Administration that is looking for 8,200 sf and would prefer downtown but is considering some further reaches.

Ethan Ash with KW Commercial has a Dover listing that is just a parking lot now.

Kip Brooks with Berkley Building has a 4.5 million dollar restaurant they are working on, an 8 story, 38 unit condo at 44 Burbank in Boston, and a 70,000 dollar piece of work with the Groton schools.  They serve a wide range of project sizes and types and seek to further expand in New Hampshire.

Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has 38 Portsmouth Ave. in Exeter entailing 4700 sf on 1/2 acre with 40 parking space for 850 thousand dollars or $18.75 psf.

Doreen Austin with Optima Bank is happy to help happily.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank is appreciative of the referrals back and forth at this roundtable.  Think of Jeff as your resource and remember his background in the CPA world to deliver deals.

Mary Ellen Humphrey with Durham Economic Development keeps an inventory list which has one retail listing of 150 sf that was the former Army/Navy recruiting office on Court Street.  There are offices available too.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank recently had a client that went before the Somersworth boards and she was impressed by the positive, proactive, helpful approach from the board.  There is quite a bit of good land to be developed in Somersworth so come on over.

Bob Viel with Remax Legacy serves Maine and New Hampshire.  Bob has some very nice land for a residential development on Dover Point that looks like it will support 11 building lots according to a quick plan by TFM/MSC.  The new, lower price of 1.2 million dollars has spurred even more activity.  Bob also has a beautiful 10 cap in Dover at Ham and Central for $799,900 that is 4,225 sf where the current tenant will be out on 15 April 2017.

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA was at the Dover Planning Board this week for a 100 acre proposal of a minor league baseball stadium.  This domed stadium would have fitness training, hotel, and restaurants too and is early in the process of exploring this possibility.

Andy Ward with Colliers has 22 South Main in Rochester that is an 18,000 sf former trust building on 3 stories.  There is a second lot that goes with the sale that allows for parking 28 cars across the street from the building.  The zoning is flexible and there are lots of incentives from the city, state, and feds which includes a land use incentive and a site plan review exemption.  It be your delight for 450 thousand dollars.

Laura Farago with Colliers has a new listing at 500 Market Street on Nobles Island that looks out onto Market Street and the Port Authority entailing 1540 sf with 4 offices, kitchen, conference room, and reception/bullpen for 23 dollars psf plus utilities.

Wendy Rayno with Bank of New Hampshire has a business looking for any industrial with one to three bays covering 5,000 to 7,000 sf in the Seacoast to buy only.  No leasing thank you.

Pam Bishop with Federal Savings Bank might have a customer for the Keene student housing.

Brian Moore from Daystar cautioned all to be extra careful of all those phishing scams out there and to not right away click on the emails from known labels asking for your private information or a “just” a click.

Catie Medeiros with Kane has lots of parcels for those developers looking to land land.  Call Catie for 3 acres at the Lee Circle, 24 acres in Farmington, and 8 acres on Shattuck Way.

Marie Bodi with CP Management thanked Tad for following through on his promise to advise clients to break out of contracts with him if the base utility drops their prices to be a better deal.

David Choate with Colliers passed out a flyer for the Steve Dumont portfolio that he and Laura are marketing.  One of the properties is the Gonic Mill which is the most intriguing and is going for 3.5 million dollars.  This includes 20 acres of land along 2000 feet of the Cocheco River ripe for residential development and a duplex at the entry on Church Street which is an 8-10 cap.  Other properties in the portfolio are 1 Old Dover Road in Rochester, 1 Merrill Industrial Drive in Hampton with 17 units that can be sold individually or intact for 950 thousand dollars, the 66 Third St. mill in Dover, Gabrielli Plaza in North Hampton and the former Steve’s Ice Cream at 682 Columbus Ave. in Rochester.


Haves and Wants

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture designed some dining room movable connectors in the historic Concord Colonial Inn for Jurgen Demisch.

Bob Marchewka with One Commercial gave us the parade wave and rode off into the sunset after reminding us he has an industrial user looking to purchase.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has industrial land in Seabrook for sale with full approvals and most of the site work accomplished.  There is an 18,000 sf footprint and a 6,000 sf mezzanine in the plans to date.  Christian is also working with the Social Security Administration on 3,000 sf of space.  One final thing is that he is now a tenant rep for an office hunt for 15,000 sf of office in Exeter, Stratham, Portsmouth, Dover area.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum offers CM services and is happy to help early on with proforma peeks.  Bill thanked Bob Marchewka for his leadership on the NHCIBOR board.

Jurgen Demisch thanked Tony Fallon for the invite and would be happy to talk to all takers about his 30 or so acres 4 miles west of the Lee Circle on Route 4.  Tony has seen the land and it is pastoral and pretty.

Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has two pad sites at the Grapevine Drive Hannaford Plaza in Dover, New Hampshire.  The rates are good and the site is favorable for restaurants and banks.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy does serve residential customers, but industrial and commercial is the sweet spot.

Ellen Bates with Office Interiors gave a tour of one of their recent projects, Loftware, to some prospective clients.  The question came up, “When should we get you involved?”  The answer is as soon in the project as possible to help with coordination with the various players.

Tom Duffy with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has a new listing at the Manchester Airport where the owner will sell a 20,000 sf building that has two 5,000 tenants on each end with two contiguous 5,000 sf units in the middle that could be combined.  This site backs up to Stonyfield Farm Yogurt and, although older, it is in good shape.

Adam Johnson with Optima Bank spoke about NHCIBOR Cares and let us know that this year they have donated 30,000 dollars to 100 non-profits.  Please let Adam know of needs.

Joe Friedman with Brooks Properties talked up Brookstone Park in Derry, New Hampshire where they recently opened a 200 person club room to host smaller events.  It would be a great place for your New Year’s Eve party.  They are also seeking a restaurant operator to run a restaurant at the golf course in the pro shop area.

Rick Mulvee with Tower Associates continues to look for substantial, very large timberland tracts that have good timber management plans and data.  Rick closed on an 18,000 sf tract in the Mid-West recently and they thought that was small.

Gregg Schena with Masiello Commercial has 2300 sf for 1800 dollars per month on Route 1 and 1500 sf at a small plaza for 12 dollars psf modified gross.  Gregg also has 10,000 sf of industrial space at 14 Broadway in Dover, New Hampshire.

Scott Forte with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has a restaurant operator looking for 3,000 sf in Downtown Portsmouth.

 Katrina Green with EnviroVantage let us know of their substantial capabilities and that the service all of New England with building hazmat management along with demolition.  They currently have projects in Cape Cod, the Franklin Mill, Plymouth, Vermont, Maine Medical, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Greg Gagalis with Carey & Giampa has an 825 thousand dollar offering on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton that could remain a hotel or shift to condos.

Michael Bergeron with NHDRED has worked with many brokers over the years and will continue to assist their clients find skilled labor as part of the sweet suite of services.

Hank Beresin with First Street Brokers has a couple salon/spas.  One is in Manchester and has had double digit growth for years with good management in place.  Another is in the Seacoast and both are very well run.

Ethan Ash with KW Commercial talked about an available church at the gateway to North Conway that could work well as a dance studio or restaurant.  Ethan also has a Downtown Exeter retail offering with great foot traffic and good parking along with hardwood floors and 13 foot high tin ceilings going for 369K.

Kip Brooks with Berkley Builders has helped the likes of Harvard, MIT, and Phillips.

Bob Viel with Remax Legacy has signed Carol Shea Porter up for 660 Central Avenue in Dover.

Dan Barufaldi with Dover DBIDA passed around some of his economic reports.

Andy Ward with Colliers has 9 Great Falls Avenue in Rochester with 12,000 to 15,000 sf that has both a heated and air conditioned warehouse space along with 2,500 sf of good office.  There are 3 loading docks, two of which are shared along with one drive in door for $6.50 psf modified gross.

Laura Farago with Colliers has 1,458 sf and 2,800 sf of industrial warehouse space that is not contiguous for $10.50 absolute gross that is a lease only in Seabrook.

Catie Medeiros with Kane has a number of small offices available from 800 sf to 3,000 sf in the Portsmouth to Dover area.

Marie Bodi with CP Management offers 3rd party property management through all New Hampshire, Maine, Southern Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

David Choate with Colliers has a new listing in Hampton, New Hampshire on Timber Swamp Road near the Park n Ride lot.  This 6,720 sf build to suit of industrial opportunity is just down the road from the site of the proposed new courthouse and near CR’s Restaurant.


Note from Tony Fallon Architecture: These Minutes are what I understand people to have said at this meeting. Please contact people referenced to verify and clarify.

Next Meeting is 8:30 – 9:45 am on the third Friday, 20 January 2017

In the Third Floor Conference Room of Two International Group’s Building at

One New Hampshire Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Pease International Tradeport.


Daystar will be the breakfast sponsor.

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