President’s Message February 2015


NHCIBOR February 2015 President’s Message

The Challenges We Face

We face challenges every day, and this most recent snow storm was a very big challenge for a lot of people in different ways. It is how we react and deal with the challenges we face on a daily basis that make us what we are. As you, our members and affiliates face your own challenges in your businesses every day, my message to you today is that you are not alone. You are not without assistance to help you overcome those challenges, though you do have to ask or seek out the help you need.

NHCIBOR is here to help you with your challenges in any way we can. So, here are the questions I ask you today:

1. What is the one biggest challenge or obstacle you face in conducting your business today?
2. How can NH CIBOR help you overcome that challenge?

We are willing to help overcome challenges that hinder you when doing business, whether that be legislatively at State level or with issues at a more local level. We have already started to tackle some issues that we see as obstacles for the NH economy.

My biggest challenge? Getting all of you to respond to my questions above!

We really do want to hear from you, please take the time to respond and let me know what we can do to help. It will also help us.

You can help NHCIBOR too; we have many volunteer committees who do great work for our members. And we need more of you involved, please consider joining one of our committees today. Choose a topic you are interested in and passionate about. Visit our website for the list of committees, it will be rewarding for you.

Sincerely yours,

Gerry O’Connell
2015 NH CIBOR President
KW Commercial CLCG
Portsmouth, NH

Regular Events:

Seacoast Marketing Session – 3rd Friday of every month, in Portsmouth, NH.
Statewide Marketing Session – 4th Wednesday of every month, in Bedford, NH.

For more details and events, please go to our website and click on Calendar of Events.

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