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NHCIBOR President, Mark Dickey“What is NECPE?”In very short this is our great listing service component which is driven by our partner Catylist, but there are many aspects that most are unaware of including the benefits and tools it brings both members and non-members. I would like to highlight a few items here.One of the ways you can access these listing and additional data is thru and at the top of the page you can choose from “Search Properties” or “Search Businesses.” If you are not a member yet, you can also see all the properties you are looking for and various supporting demographic information as well.For our affiliates and vendors (non-Realtors) we have a new component for service providers to be on a list for not just members to see but non-members as well. If you are interested in being listed as a service provider either contact me (information below) or have a special task force headed by Brenda Litchfield and John Jackman to have various types of links showing our listings on many other organizations’ sites. Some may be saying, “That sounds great but how does this help me?”  One of the ways to be ranked high on internet searches is to be considered an “authority” site. By working with various media organizations, towns and Economic Development  Groups,  these organizations are displaying your listing on their websites. This is very exciting. As we continue to add more and more locations, everyone will be gaining more exposure for both listings and service providers. If your organization would like to know more, please contact us and we will get you the additional information.Later in the year you will also be seeing a new website being launched. I am very excited about this undertaking. There are a lot of new features which I will highlight throughout the year giving sneak previews.Remember to sample a taste of this great organization by attending our two Statewide Marketing sessions held each month. For details go to our website and click on Calendar of Events3rd Friday in Portsmouth, NH4th Wednesday in Bedford, NHThe NEREJ (New England Real Estate Journal) is planning a special event on June 11th:                      

Northern New England Association SponsorThe New England Real Estate Journal will be hosting a Cocktails & Conversation event on June 11, 2014 and we would like to invite associations from the Commercial Real Estate industry. We will have tables set up around the room at the venue for all the Associations to introduce themselves and their leadership, NEREJ Radio will podcast live from the event as well. We are expecting over 200 people from the industry! If you would like more information on having a booth and being a part of this event either contact NEREJ or us.All of the details for these and others can be found at under Calendar of events.Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this month.  And as always, if you would like to see something appear in our message please reach out to me.Mark Dickey 2014 NHCIBOR President NAI Norwood Group 603-668-7000 x 219  

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