March 2014 Seacoast Marketing Meeting Minutes

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21 March 2014 NHCIBOR New Hampshire Commercial Investment Board of Realtors Minutes of Seacoast Marketing SessionDoug Ellis and Heather Rowan with Office Resources were the breakfast sponsor and they were joined by Jonathan DeGregoris with Knoll.  White Apron made the good food.  Office Resources is one of the top 3 Knoll dealers in North America and the largest in New England.  Their offices are in Hartford, Boston, Worcester, and Manchester, New Hampshire.  They welcome people to stop by with clients and explore the possibilities.  Doug played Hockey at BC and is happy with how the Bruins are on fire now.  Doug is also jazzed about how business is booming in the region with health care, high tech, and pharmacy.  This is an amazing time to be in the office furniture business.  Doug was at an event where the buzz was lively for all the projects that are coming up in Boston.  Some of their clients of note are Lonza, Bottomline, and Service Federal Credit Union.

Cash BuyersTony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture designs commercial and residential projects in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has a hunt for 6000 sf in Exeter near 101.  They’ll go to Epping if need be.  Freestanding will be ideal, but will look at multi-tenant.  This is a medical office and they want to be 1 story maximum and do not have time for build to suit.Peter Taylor with Anchor Property Managementmanages property properly in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.Tad Dziemian with White Columns Office Solutions & Neighborhood Energy works with large users on natural gas and electricity.  Tad can also assist small businesses and residential users on electricity.Mark Danie with People’s United Bank covers the Exeter and Hampton markets for money.Ken Berry with Berry Engineeringserves up Surveying, Civil Engineering, Septic Design, Shoreland Applications, and Construction Management all from a 53 year family based business.  Ken thanked David Choate for some leads.Jim Schwartz with Jewett Construction noted that this family owned business was started in 1972 and is based in Raymond.Andy Ward with Colliers has someone looking for a 3500 sf office in Portsmouth or on 95 corridor.  They will look at smaller buildings and consider doing additions.Russ Doyle with Two International Group has awesome offerings at Pease and wonderful Downtown Portsmouth.Fred Attalla with Weichert PEYT has builders looking for odd lots that could be 1 or 2 residential lots in Dover, Portsmouth, and Rye.Art Bonin with Bonin Companies has an investment firm from Boston looking for apartments with some upside potential.  They will go up to 40 million dollars.  Art has another 1031 client looking from Portsmouth to Boston too.Pam Lynch with NAI Norwood is on the hunt for apartments as well in the Manchester to Nashua area.  60 units and up with building being something they are open to too.Robert Cruess with TF Moran can assist with civil, structural, landscape architecture, and surveying.  They won a prize from NH Business Review for engineering for the 2nd year in a row.Don Marshall with Marshall Associates has his office in Exeter and will travel far and wide to help business sellers gain the maximum return with the least disruption.Marc Carbonneau with Georgetown Bank is rolling in cash to roll to you from Portsmouth to the North Shore along the Interstate 95 corridor.Al Silva with Silva Graphicsprovides interior and exterior signs, silk screens, monograms, and other apparel of note with notes.Steve Wurtz with People’s United Bankhas a money cart with 3 million to 30 million ports from Providence to Portland.  Steve has relationships with over 100 commercial brokers.  He frequently is working on grocery stores, pharmacies, and lots of apartments.Nick Aube with Avery Insurance had his March Madness million dollar bracket bust.Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates can assist with tenant improvement or ground up deals.  Bill has a developer looking for retail opportunities that are existing in need of help or land with approvals for retail operations.Don Willet with EnviroVantage can mediate messy mold and do the more delicate difficult cleaning of nasty stuff along with general and selective demolition.  They work throughout New England.Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood is on the hunt for an investor seeking retail situations in the 2 to 4 million dollar range within one hour of Boston.  They will consider a multi-site portfolio.Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties has a developer from Portland looking for retail strip situations and are focusing on New Hampshire currently.  Susan also offers property management services and is looking for apartment complexes valued at a million dollars and up along the Seacoast.Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty Group still has the developer looking for deals 2 million bucks and up with hair on them.  Mold, mildew, hazmat, structural collapse, and leaks are lovely.  20 million dollar deals are the sweet spot.  This group is patient money.  Having the turn and escape be 5 to 10 years is fine as long as the exit is well assured.  This is a nationwide hunt and they can move quickly.Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance has insurance lines lined up for you.Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates offers CM and Design/Build for retail, renovations and high end homes.Tony Donovan with KW Commercial works out of both Portland and Portsmouth.  Tony just got a 6 unit multi-family to sell for 175K.  The seller is going to take the proceeds from this and invest in a deal up to a million bucks.Elizabeth Marsano with KW Commercial is fond of finding buyers for Tony Donovan’s deals.Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development announced the downtown improvement project is going to commence construction in the next couple of weeks.  Somersworth also has various areas that qualify for the 97e tax credit.  Chris also noted that there was one property with 3 apartments that could be turned into really nice apartments.  Chris not only won the shoe of the day prize, but the pants of the day too.Jeff Hiatt with Performance Business Solutions assists with cost segregation arrangements for commercial buildings.  This helps lower taxes by reallocating depreciation schedules.Mary Driscoll with The Law Office of Mary Driscoll and Fleet Street Settlement serves up commercial legal services in Maine and New Hampshire.  They do a lot of real estate based business for banks, developers, cash buyers, and deal makers.Nina Cutts with Institution for Savings has dollars to deal with aggressively low rates.Jonathan Farrell with DiCicco, Gulman, & Co Accountants took time off from Spring Training to sell us on accounting services.  He helps with real estate situations for both commercial and residential from Providence to Maine from their Woburn base.Chris Donovan with Telamon Insurance assists with HR consulting and employee benefits.Bryan Dubois with Dubois Associates Real Estate and Dubois Appraisals has a buyer looking for 50 to 60 thousand sf of existing self storage or land with approvals.Doug Martin with Colliers works out of the Manchester office and has two industrial buyers looking.  One wants 10,000 sf of traditional warehouse.  The other hunter is hunting for 25,000 sf of warehouse and office.  This latter is for an international company that is going to have this site be the flagship for their United States operation.Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has a buyer for apartments of 100 units and up.  Willing to pay, but 5 and 6 caps are too low.John Ricci with Ricci Construction is celebrating their 80th year in business.  Laura Malloy invited John.  John can assist with CM or GC needs in the health care and bio-tech sectors swimmingly.  John is also the revered chair of the Portsmouth Planning Board so says Laura.Laura Malloy with Malloy Interiors has been up and running for five years at their Strawbery Banke location.  They are hiring and do a lot of corporate work for offices.  They also do multi-families in the Boston market.Jonathan DeGregoris with Knoll says it is so that Knoll is a 75 year old company that was guided at one time by former New Hampshire Governor John LynchHeather Rowan with Office Resourcescan work on small as well as massive projects.  In Concord, she was working on a project that kept some furniture and bought some furniture and has with her a quote for a single chair.David Choate with Colliers has a dentist looking for land or a building in North Hampton on Route 1.

AnnouncementsThe statewide NHCIBOR marketing meeting occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 9:00 to 10:15 at 166 South River Road in Bedford. There will be a professional development course on 25 April 2014 at Berkshire Hathaway Verani in Londonderry, New Hampshire from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  The topic is Client and Tenant Property Due Diligence.The British Beer Company NHCIBOR social was well attended and fun.  Next networking session up is the Holy Grail in Epping in April.ListingsTony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecturespoke again about proposed transitional housing for homeless vets in Ossipee at the former Carroll County Nursing Home.  Tony passed around a flyer.  This facility will provide training and short term digs to assist vets with deploying to life.  Please let Tony know if you or yours would like to help with the fundraising for this dearly needed resource for those who have gained us our lives by risking their lives.Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has 6 acres of land available in Exeter at 4 Commerce Way just past the hockey rink.  One could probably build up to 30,000 sf here, but maybe up to 50,000 sf .  Maybe self storage would work.Peter Taylor with Anchor Property Managementhas two spaces at 100 Market Street.  One is 1800 sf and the other 2200 sf.  They are offered at 22 dollars psf which is negotiable at this location just below the snazzy 100 Club in Portsmouth.Tad Dziemian with White Columns Office Solutions & Neighborhood Energy brokers the supply of electricity to homes and small businesses now and advised to get fixed rates if you get one of the discount offerings on electric rates.Mark Danie with People’s United Bank has a customer with a 5 unit for sale in Exeter behind an auto body.  The business is to remain, but the property is for sale.Ken Berry with Berry Engineering updated us on the pulse in Concord with the wetland permitting process about to undergo some rule rewriting.  Comments are invited.Jim Schwartz with Jewett Construction let us know that design/build is the majority of their work.Andy Ward with Colliers has 1,464 sf and 2010 sf for lease at 62 Portsmouth Avenue in Stratham.  There has been a lot activity for this spot that could be office or retail due to the good deal great price of 6 dollars psf NNN.Russ Doyle with Two International Group has a building with some availability at 15 Rye Street near Lonza.  The lease rates here are a bit lower than typically at Pease and it is still very nice space.  Andy Ward closed a deal there recently.  4,000 to 12,000 sf spaces are for the taking.  Pease is running about a 10% vacancy.Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker has just the restaurant opportunity for you.  While at the next NHCIBOR social at the Holy Grail in Epping, look across the street at these gorgeous 2859 sf that can be rented for 2500 bucks a month or snapped up for good today for you at 219 thousand dollars.  And for all those looking for apartments, Ralph has just the thing in the Seacoast City of Rochester where he has two buildings that are going for 1.6 million dollars and serving up close to a 10 cap to boot.Fred Attalla with Weichert PEYT updated us on the 1 Pine Road in Exeter that is owned and occupied by Mast Climbers.  This 10,000 sf is a good pick if you want to participate in a sale/leaseback with a solid tenant.  The climbers have lowered their price to 725K.  Fred is also working with the former Page Restaurant.  Fred let us know that the space has been gutted for a fresh start and there are some national tenants checking this place across from PortWalk out.  It can be a restaurant with a lounge but not a dance club or night club.  The price here too has just lowered to just shy of 3 million bucks.Art Bonin with Bonin Companies has 5 acres in Salem with an additional 1.5 contiguous acres for sale along with a vacant 68,000 sf building.  This could be auto or furniture and has 25,000 cars per day passing by.  The ceilings vary from 10 to 20 feet and there are some new updates complete.  For the main parcel with building, 5 million bucks buys it.  Art continues to work with the owners of the Seabrook Dog Track and there are a lot of possibilities from industrial to commercial to retail.  They have had some good meetings with the town and expect approvals for industrial uses within 90 days of application.Robert Cruess with TF Moran assists with transportation engineering too he tooted.Don Marshall with Marshall Associates advises the adage of honesty being the best policy because purchasers of businesses can request copies of tax returns from business sellers.Marc Carbonneau with Georgetown Bank has quite a few loans out for projects under construction.  They are facile with residential including condo deals as well.  Well, well, well.Al Silva with Silva Graphics has helped with signage at Lonza, Sig Sauer, CP Management, and One Commercial. Steve Wurtz with People’s United Bank has some non-recourse lending options and knows how to keep your national tenants happy campers in their new site.  From Providence to Portsmouth, Steve deals with low rates in the 4’s.Todd Prescott with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has 24 residential units available at the ongoing construction of 339 Ocean Boulevard.  The units are going to be from 480K to 580K and there are two commercial spots left on the first floor that are 1100 sf and 1600 sf.  The owner is hoping somebody buys both and puts in a restaurant.  List prices are 325K to 350K.Nick Aube with Avery Insurance assured us of the surety of insurance.Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates says after you look across the street from the Holy Grail, check out the Holy Grail itself for which they did the construction.  They are happy to help early on with property condition assessments and budgeting.Victoria Cheslock with Homes and Land Magazine recently added commercial focus to the magazine.Don Willet with EnviroVantage gets the lead out along with mold and asbestos and pcbs along with demolition throughout New England from their Epping launch pad.Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has 2400 sf for sale or lease in Greenland that has 1400 sf of office, 1000 sf of warehouse, and 1600 sf on a mezzanine.  Buy this beauty for 170K or lease for $1960 per month modified gross.Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties has an Old Port nightclub that is hard to come by and would give a good entrée to life in the popular Old Port. Mark Phillips with Mark Phillips Real Estate Development, Investments, & Marketing has a unique downtown opportunity with 48 condos on School Street in Dover.  There are full approvals and it is working out to 30K per unit.  Also, Mark has an over 55, 90 unit mobile home park that is going for 1.25 million dollars.Jessica Smith with Winsor Brook Property Advisors has two pads on 6th Street in Dover in an ERZ zone with tax credits.  They are each going for 169K.  Also, Jessica has some day care with 3.4 acres that would be OK for a lease arrangement.Mary Ellen Humphreys with Rochester Economic Development let us know of the hub zone in Rochester.  Also, Rochester is doing another start up competition offering several good prizes and no charge for entry.Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty Group talked up 775 Canal Street in the Manchester Millyard.  This location with available condos is located in the former Amoskeag Locomotive Works where train engines were once made.  These 60,000 sf have 20,000 sf left for purchase and is available for 70 dollars psf of shell and serves up 2.6 parking spots per 1000 sf.  This is a unique situation and has great parking volume in an area with excellent companies undergoing dramatic growth.Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance is located in Hampton and can offer up Continuing Education credits on flood insurance.Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates has two customers with available space.  There is 50,000 sf in Dover and 200,000 sf in Seabrook at the coming retail site in Seabrook.Tony Donovan with KW Commercial has been teaching Elizabeth about cold calling.  Out of a recent cold call Elizabeth was asked, “How did you know I was looking for a building?”  And a deal was done.  With this, this customer is coming out of a building that is now available with 2400 sf and 1200 sf of that being really nice office space.  This is yours for 135K.Elizabeth Marsano with KW Commercialhas 4 apartments in Biddeford for 279 K.Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development is looking for someone to buy the farm.  Come on up to Somersworth and snap up some of Malley Farm which has all utilities on site.  These 9 acres are owned by the city.  Somersworth will stand on its head to get groups in there that need to hire lots of people for good jobs.Jeff Hiatt with Performance Business Solutions knows of a small 1200 sf unit in Hampton Falls that is nice class A space.Mary Driscoll with The Law Office of Mary Driscoll and Fleet Street Settlement keeps you in line legally.  It’s settled and closed.Nina Cutts with Institution for Savings is enjoying her new place of employ and the ability to employ a 40 million dollar lending limit from a 1.6 billion dollar asset base.Jonathan Farrell with DiCicco, Gulman, & Co Accountants said his company loves their clients and are good about putting their hands around them as well as their situations handily.  They can help with taxes, cash flow, and leasing.Chris Donovan with Telamon Insurance can help with property and casualty as well as employee benefits.Chuck Thibedeau with CP Managementmanages properties magnificently.  Bryan Dubois with Dubois Associates Real Estate and Dubois Appraisals apprised us that he can assist with appraising from small to large dogs of the real estate breed in a breeze.Doug Martin with Colliers International in Manchester has 3 acres across from Rivers Edge Eliot owned by Velcro off of exit 5 on Interstate 293.  There is a conceptual for this site of a 3 story mixed use with 20 residential units on two floors for 40 units over one story of commercial.  Also, Doug dished up a delight in Concord that was built in 2009 to the LEED Gold Standard.  The owner wants to downsize and is willing to leaseback up to 6000 sf.  So there can be 8,000 to 14,000 sf available depending on your desires.  There is one tenant with a long term lease.Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has 4700 sf in Durham that has had a price plummet from 21 to 14 dollars psf NNN.  The owner is offering now to pick up half of the NNN for the first 3 years.  They have had three tenants that almost worked.  Another offering offered by Dainty Dave is 2000 sf on a fourth floor in Durham with a patio and views of downtown Durham.  This deal being dealt is priced at just 10 dollars psf NNN with the NNN split for the first year with the owner.Jim Giampa with Carey & Giampa has a strip with 9 residential and 3 commercial units on 125 that can be bought for 1.395 million dollars.  This fully leased opportunity works out to an 8 cap.  Also Jim has an offering at Depot Square in Hampton that is fully occupied, another 8 cap, and listed at 895 thousand dollars.  The owner of these two spots has reached the retirement age and is ready to shift.John Ricci with Ricci Construction noted that they are one of the 12 fastest growing construction companies in New Hampshire.  They would love to assist you with your preliminary ponderings and shared that some of their customers are Lonza, the City of Manchester, and the Town of Hampton.Laura Malloy with Malloy Interiors in Portsmouth got a call from the Center for Life Management that is looking for a first floor with 8000 sf in Salem with goodly parking.  They have been on the hunt for a while.  This is a medical use.Doug Ellis with Office Resources let us know that they can help with some non-furniture items like movable partitions, glass doors, sound masking, and raised flooring.Jonathan DeGregoris with Knoll would be happy to help with budgeting for a move, look at feasibility, and assist with change management.Heather Rowan with Office Resources tendered the concept of furniture trends changing since the recent recession.  This nugget of knowledge is important to know and Heather would be happy to buy some lunch and present the topic for you and yours at a lunch seminar.David Choate with Colliers has a new listing at 235 West Road where One Source Apparel is now.  This 3462 sf has a 750 sf drive in warehouse and two stories of office for the rest of the space.  Yes, this couold be yours immediately for 7.50 dollars psf NNN with nets netting under 3 bucks. Haves and WantsTony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture talked up the Middleton Resort development in Middleton, New Hampshire.  Chuck Therriault, the developer, has asked Tony to participate in the 120,000 sf resort building as well as some of the residences.  Chuck began with a fly in neighborhood and has recently added a high profile golf course for the high flyers.  Gregg Norman has looped in to layout the course after landing.  This will not be a fly by night deal.  Chuck is on the hunt for investors and although he has a likely line, welcomes others interested.  Tony would be happy to connect investors with the terrific Therriault. Berry Engineering is doing the site design.Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has 11,000 sf that has opened up at 1 Hampton Road in Exeter.  They recently found out that the tenant is not going to renew and prior to this the only openings there were pretty small.  This could easily be chopped in two and go as two 5500 sf spaces.Peter Taylor with Anchor Property Management manages to manage property in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts marvelously.Tad Dziemian with White Columns Office Solutions & Neighborhood Energy spoke again about being sure that your residential rates are locked in for longer terms.Mark Danie with People’s United Bank cheered cheerily for UNH hockey and is all over loans in Exeter and Hampton.Ken Berry with Berry Engineering is able to assist with flood insurance applications that require certifications of elevations.Jim Schwartz with Jewett Construction sells design/build, has multiple pre-engineered metal building companies they represent, and have an in-house steel erection crew.Andy Ward with Colliers is peddling the former Powerspan building in Durham at 54 Old Bay Road.  This unique property has lots of workshop space along with the office space across 19,000 sf.  425 thousand dollars buys it and Powerspan is willing to lease back 6000 sf for a year.  The office is on two floors.Russ Doyle with Two International Group noted the niceties and niceness of  15 Rye Street at Pease pleasantly.Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker had leased 437 Portsmouth Avenue in Greenland and it’s a boomerang play with the space back available.  2400 sf of high bay with some office for 1700 dollars per month is possibly impossible to pass up.Fred Attalla with Weichert PEYT shouted out about the Fish Shanty in Dover that you can land with land and building for 525 smackers.  Fred also has a couple of Honey Dews for you.  One in Portsmouth and one in Seabrook, business only.  Fred flaunted Florida as a facet of his famous facile business.Art Bonin with Bonin Companies has a new listing that just came in last night of a lease in Methuen which is right at Lowell Street off Interstate 93.  These 18,000 sf of mixed use is now both industrial and retail.  This can be obtained for 6.75 dollars psf.Pam Lynch with NAI Norwood is hunting for a convenience store with gas in New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts off of the 95 corridor.  They would like to buy the business with or without the real estate.Robert Cruess with TF Moranhelps with civil, structural, landscape architecture, and surveying.  Some of the projects are in Exeter and Dover with a new car dealership being the Dover project.Don Marshall with Marshall Associates is looking for business people who are in business and are ready to not be.Todd Prescott with Berkshire Hathaway Verani still has some medical office available at 20b Hampton Road with 1800 sf and 1275 sf in basement.  299K buys it.Nick Aube with Avery Insurance chimed in on the cold calling chatter and relayed how he did a not so successful cold call to a restaurant operator at noon.Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates is under construction with 220 residential units in Salisbury, a trampoline gym in Portsmouth, and some medical office projects.Victoria Cheslock with Homes and Land Magazine relayed that advertisers can have their websites linked to the Homes and Land site which is very high volume.Don Willet with EnviroVantage can lead you along the path of removing lead, mold, pcbs, and asbestos with value.Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has 1000 to 9000 sf in Heritage Commons at 2800 Lafayette Road.  The owner thinks a restaurant would be a good addition.  So far there is a nano brewery and Papa Ginos.Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties does both brokerage and property management for commercial facilities from 20,000 sf up. Mark Phillips with Mark Phillips Real Estate Development, Investments, & Marketing has 1 ½ acres in Dover on the same side as the hospital one lot South of Hannaford.  The price was 1.8 million and it is now 1.25 million dollars and Mark thinks a bank would be a good fit.Jessica Smith with Winsor Brook Property Advisors has 622 Central Avenue in Dover for sale.  The tenant, New York Life, will vacate upon sale.Mary Ellen Humphreys with Rochester Economic Development was on the up and up rooting for Rochester, the up and coming sweet Seacoast location for locating.Tony Donovan with KW Commercial has a listing in Gray, Maine.  This offering is on Route 115 just ½ mile from the Maine Turnpike near Pineland Park which has around 260,000 sf of offices and other businesses.  The listing that Tony has is a gambrel barn on 6.5 acres with an attached house.  Elizabeth Marsano with KW Commercial has 850 sf of retail and 4 apartments on Ocean Avenue for 399K.Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development spoke of the parking sites the city owns and invites developers to submit development proposals for them.Nina Cutts with Institution for Savings is a commercial lender and very happy with the new ship she has jumped to. Bryan Dubois with Dubois Associates Real Estate and Dubois Appraisals noted that he appreciates calls for appraising.Doug Martin with Colliers has a 44,000 sf fully approved office building design at 39 Constitution Drive in Bedford that is ready for your favorite shovel.  There is signage on 101/114 available and Robert Cruess can sing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” to you each day as your new neighbor.Dave Garvey with KW Commercialhas 1800 sf on the second floor of a building in Newmarket.  This open space has brick walls and good light.  Newmarket is coming up in the up and coming parade of up and coming places pleasant.Jim Giampa with Carey and Giampa is offering the former Hampton Natural Foods for lease.  These 2000 sf going for 10 dollars psf could become 3000 sf with an adjacent available space.  Jim recently was awarded for being the top residential broker in Rockingham County.  Congrats Jim!John Ricci with Ricci Construction shared some projects including Health Shields, Access Sports Medicine and Core Flex in Manchester.Laura Malloy with Malloy Interiors has been happily interacting with Heather Rowan for 12 years.David Choate with Colliers has someone looking to sell a car wash in the Seacoast.  On the leasing side, David has the former Cabletron headquarters in Rochester that is available for 5 to 6 dollars psf.   David says come on up to up and coming Seacoast Rochester.      Note from Tony Fallon Architecture: These Minutes are what I understand people to have said at this meeting. Please contact people referenced to verify and clarify. Next Meeting is 8:00 – 9:45 am Friday 18 April 2014 at One New Hampshire Avenue, Third Floor Conference Room Pease TradeportThe sponsor will be the RJ Finlay Co.

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