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NHCIBOR President, Mark DickeyA large component of what we at NHCIBOR (NH Commercial Investment Board of REALTORS) have to offer our brokers and agents is our listing service, which we call NECPE (New England Commercial Property Exchange) which is powered by our partner Catylist.

For those who have not been around the industry very long, networking and knowing who has what for properties and leases was the only way to get deals done. Then the industry had something called listing books, so anyone who had this book had the power so to speak. Jump ahead and now with the internet, listings can be found in so many places and by so many organizations.

Two years ago we had approximately 10,000 visits per month and today we have more than 12,000 visits per month. Of those visits about 2/3’s are reoccurring visits and about 1/3 are new visits. As I covered in last month’s message, we are working hard to increase the amount of exposure for your listings. The data stored in NECPE is extremely valuable to all of us and not many realize that Catylist has coverage for most of the New England area.  In addition to NH there is coverage in ME, VT, MA and RI. Whether you are an agent, broker or appraiser, having “accurate” comparable for not just sales comps, but also lease comps is a huge benefit and makes doing business much easier.

As with most software packages we use, there are always a number of tools within the system that if we knew that they were there we would be excited to use them. I have listed a few below, plus there are several others. They have several YouTube videos which cover various components as well.

* After first logging in something called “Market Monitor”, just below the stats for the past 7 days you will see a “$” in a green little circle. These are potential deals you could be missing.

* Email blast system to be used for listings and looking for properties.

* Report Builder – gives you many formats to generate your supporting materials for your prospective clients.

* We have a mobile version called Catylist Mobile CIE which is located at

* You can generate a QR Code automatically for your listing and give it to someone to find that listing.

If you would like to learn more about out premier listing service, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

Remember to sample a taste of this great organization by attending our two Statewide Marketing sessions held each month. For details go to our website and click on Calendar of Events.

3rd Friday in Portsmouth, NH

4th Wednesday in Bedford, NH

The NEREJ (New England Real Estate Journal) is planning a special event on June 11th              

Northern New England Association Sponsor:

The New England Real Estate Journal will be hosting a Cocktails & Conversation event on June 11, 2014 and we would like to invite associations from the Commercial Real Estate industry. We will have tables set up around the room at the venue for all the Associations to introduce themselves and their leadership, NEREJ Radio will podcast live from the event as well. We are expecting over 200 people from the industry!

If you would like more information on having a booth and being a part of this event either contact Rick Kaplan, NEREJ, , 800-654-4993 x247 or the NHCIBOR office.

All of the details for these and others can be found at under Calendar of Events.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this month. And as always if you would like to see something appear in our message please reach out to me.

Mark Dickey
2014 NHCIBOR President
NAI Norwood Group
603-668-7000 x 219

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