Statewide Marketing Meeting September Minutes

Statewide Marketing Session for September 28, 2016

Submitted by Louise Norwood


The September Statewide Marketing Session was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at the GMNBR headquarters/training center at 318 South River Road in Bedford.  This month’s breakfast sponsor was Tad Dziemian of Neighborhood Energy LLC with their home office being located in East Hampstead.  Tad’s company is one of New Hampshire’s leading competitive energy broker and consultant enterprises offering electricity, natural gas supply along with energy optimization services to residential and businesses across New England.  Neighborhood Energy, LLC will lower your energy costs without spending capital.


Scott Kingsley of Primary Bank is a relatively new start up having its inception with the association of three to four bankers with similar aspirations.  This small local lending institution can customize loans and as the board is comprised of four individuals, they can provide decision making on short order.  As Scott phrased it, they like to be considered a boutique bank.  They offer a wide range of services including but not limited to SBA loans, 7A and 504’s as well as construction financing.


Tad Dziemian of Neighborhood Energy finds that through his tenure as an affiliate of CIBOR, that the organization has greatly increased his business and finds that these networking events have been invaluable.  When brokering energy supply, Tad makes sure that the customer is followed up with on a monthly basis and will customize these reports to fit the client’s individual needs.  Once a contract is signed the transition to another supplier is seamless with the advantage of budget certainty and outperforming other energy sources’ rates.  The utility takes on the responsibility of the product’s arrival to the location and brings the cost down substantially.  In that New Hampshire is the fourth highest purveyor of utilities in the United States, Tad will find the best source and most competitive rates.  And as Tad has now established himself in the field and has much expertise he enjoys a great reputation.  In addition, he has the ability to project a cost analysis out to 45 years.  Further, since the deregulation of the utilities, there will be many generating plants and related equipment up for grabs providing opportunities for the commercial real estate industry to partake in yet another commodity.  Lastly, Tad pointed out that attendance to CIBOR events has been instrumental to his business and likes to reciprocate to other members through good recommendations.  Tad’s web site is to procure detailed information on his company.


Kim Matson of RH Thackston & Co. is new to our venue.  Previously hailing from the food industry she is new to the real estate industry and will bring her inventory of listings to our next networking session.  Welcome, Kim, and hope to see you at more meetings.


Christopher Blais of Optima Bank & Trust informed us that the bank currently has five retail locations in the New Hampshire environs.  He announced that they are always looking for other opportunities to service customers in other regions of the state.  Please contact Chris with any sites you think might be appropriate.


Chris Ratte of SK Lawyers primarily handles commercial accounts.  They have locations in Stratham and Hampton and have most recently added a location in Florida.  Welcome, Chris, we hope that you will join us frequently as we would like to hear more about the services you can provide.


Robert Cruess of TF Moran, Inc. explained that after doing concepts for the last ten years on the Riverfront Landing project poised on the Merrimack River in Nashua, his vision has finally come to fruition.  Ground has been broken on this complex which will be known as “Residences at Riverfront Landing” which will include three 98,300 s.f., (5) story buildings, a 76 unit apartment building with a first floor parking garage; a 7,200 s.f. two story restaurant/retail store; and a one-story 3,390 s.f. community center along with office space.  Robert also elaborated on his new fully approved project in Bow.  This residential parcel has fantastic views and within easy reach to Concord and Manchester.  Robert is looking for builders who seek a high-end “once in a life time” opportunity to develop gorgeous homes for their clients and/or individuals who have designs on building their dream home with special views.  Lastly, Robert noted that their last barbeque had a high attendance of 200 plus individuals.  Thank you, Robert, for providing so many networking venues for our members.


Tony Fallon of Tony Fallon Architecture took the time from his schedule trekking down from the Seacoast.  He concentrates on both residential and commercial projects with one of his centerpiece projects being The Playhouse.  Tony explained that he also assists in the area of handicapped accessibility counseling clients on the various codes that have been implemented and keep being revised.  Case in point, if a space is being retrofit in the commercial world, a power operated automatic front door is essential to pass the most recent code revision.  Having said that, Tony offers services to assist clients in the most affordable way to meet the code requirements.  Should you have a larger project, Tony has a group of architects that he teams up with to provide the most professional advisory group for your endeavor.


Joe Friedman of Brooks Properties represents his employer in the purchase of properties on or along the I-93 corridor.  They are especially interested in the office and industrial market.  Joe went on to say that Brooks Properties is rebalancing their portfolio selling various assets.  Their 96,000 s.f. Branch Street building in Methuen, Massachusetts is on the market for $10,000,000; their 6 Wentworth Drive property in Hudson, NH comprised of 50,000 s.f. is being marketed for $4,000,000 and lastly, their fully tenanted property at 20 Ballard Way in Lawrence, Massachusetts is on the market for $3,300,000 at a 6 percent cap rate.  In conclusion, Joe also has an office building under construction in Salem, New Hampshire at Exit 2 with office spaces as small as 2,500 s.f.  If you do a lot of business in this area, call Joe for a full inventory of their properties.


Duane Himes of Weston & Sampson are highly involved in solar development in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Other arenas that they specialize in are Brownsfields; renewable energy; geo thermal; energy audits especially for community colleges; waste water; pumping stations; replacement lighting and a host of related services.  They most recently moved into a facility at 7 Perimeter Road in Manchester with a group of engineers handling everything from environmental issues to mechanical issues.  Their Peabody office offers additional support to supplement when needed.  Some of their most recent projects have been the Eversource facility in Keene assisting with design and clean up and in Jaffrey they assisted in an e-waste recycling facility cleaning  up hazardous waste and all the recycling materials that were on site.


George Naslas of Weston & Sampson expounded on the due diligence services they offer through both their Manchester and Portsmouth offices and especially in the environmental framework.  As part of this program, they offer hazmat services and further, can assist in geo tech problems and all types of permitting; infrastructure services and waste water issues.


Rick Mulvee of Tower Realty met with a cash buyer this week-end who is seeking large tracts of timber land.  The buyer comes from a large integrated company specifically dealing with the extraction and sale of petroleum.  They are well funded.  Rick brought up the fact that  the City of Manchester will be constructing a $12,000,000 parking structure that even in the best of circumstances cannot offer all of the code requirements insofar as ADA is concerned.  Lastly, Rick mentioned once again that he is always searching out deals with “hair on them” in the form of perhaps an environmentally challenged building or a value added facility.  His buyer will consider anything in New Hampshire and can spend as low as $5,000,000 up to $20,000,000.


Don Marshall of Marshall Associates is a general business broker and as he serves on the Affairs Committee, he and others are interested in creating a sub-committee dealing in renewable green energy projects and as New Hampshire’s energy costs are a deterrent to bringing in new business, this would serve a purpose for the greater good.  Don has been actively participating in the marketing and selling of a day care center, cleaning services and a variety of restaurants.  His parameters for taking on a business listing is to make sure that there is sufficient income to pay off debt and that it is a quality business out the gate.  Don also made mention of a plan that might entice owners to list when they have been reticent to do so previously.  The plan works very much like a 1031 exchange but without having to exchange into another property but will defer the tax consequences.  This sounds like a great plan so please contact Don for additional criteria to complete a transaction that could use this process.


Jeff Lessard of NAI Norwood Group has a cash buyer interested in a one to three acre site near Windham at Exit 3.  Jeff announced that NAI Norwood Group will be hosting an open house tomorrow, September 29th from 4:00 to 7:00 at 707-725 Huse Road in Manchester showcasing prime retail space and pad site.  Refreshments, music, adult beverages and great door prizes are being offered for this special event.  Jeff is also marketing one of the only stand alone office buildings in Bedford comprised of 6,000 s.f. at 22 Eastman Avenue. The property has been recently retrofit with new windows, new siding, newly paved parking lot and some very nice upgrades offered at $565,000.


Jay Lee of NAI Norwood Group pitched the inventory of space at 75, 85 and 95 Faltin Drive in Manchester.  With over 52,000 s.f. of space divided between three facilities, these commercial industrial buildings can accommodate a variety of uses at a very economical rate.  The buildings are owned by Brady Sullivan as part of their greater portfolio.  Jay also is marketing a lovely 3,778 s.f. office building in Amherst with two distinct office suites for lease having great finishes, on busy Route 101-A, great signage and at a moderate lease rate.


Dave Gambaccini of KW Commercial is licensed in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Dave announced that he has a new listing coming soon on Exit 5 in Raymond.  The site has approvals in place for a 22,000 s.f. Class A either medical or office facility.  Ground breaking will take place soon at a lease rate of $18 to $19 psf NNN.  Dave also has a nice 3,200 s.f. office space for sale at 138 Newton Road, Unit 33 in Plaistow – this two story, two unit office space with 1,600 s.f. per unit is being offered for sale at $315,000.


Chris Pascucci of KW Commercial is marketing a 6,985 s.f. building at 44 Simon Street in Nashua which has two units of 4,890 s.f. and 2,095 s.f. of office respectively.  Can be utilized as office, R & D or assembly.  Many amenities with a common loading dock, elevator and shared cafeteria along with an offsite manager.  Lease rate is $6.50 psf NNN.  Chris also has a listing at 80 Canal Street in Manchester which was the former BeeBee Shoe near the Fisher Cat stadium and the WMUR studios.  This 3,620 s.f.  rental property is being offered at $15.00 psf NNN.  Call Chris on these two interesting offerings.


John Turner of Team Engineering deals in property assessment in the due diligence process for buyers in the marketplace. He advised us that Brian Hanson who is in his employ is top notch and to contact him with any of our needs when searching out one of his associates to either field questions to or accompany to a property.  John announced that they will soon be relocating their offices from Goffstown to Bedford through the efforts of Jay Lee of NAI Norwood Group, Inc.  John has been involved with upwards to 750 projects providing his excellent engineering services and due diligence assessments.


Adam Johnston of Optima Bank and Trust is headquartered at the Bedford office between Starbucks and Chipolte.  He explained that they can lend up to $4,500,000 and are versed in lending to businesses and related equipment.  As they are so centrally located in a hot spot of Bedford, deposits can be conveniently made.  They offer aggressive rates and will reimburse ATM fees as well as international bank fees.  Adam is very involved with CIBOR Cares and announced that since its inception, $30,000 in donations have been run through to non-profit charitable organizations.  A memorial fund is being set up to honor Jim DeStefano.


Chris Melanson of Harrington and Reeves has an 1,800 s.f. retail space located in Londonderry priced at $9.00 psf NNN with a great traffic count.  In addition, Chris announced that he is marketing a 3,200 s.f. medical space on 387 E. Dunstable Road in Nashua at a lease rate of $17.00 to $18.00 psf gross.  The highest use is medical but could easily be converted to office and is easily accessed at Exit 1.


Matt Bacon of NAI Norwood Group has a cash buyer with an industrial building requirement and would like to settle in the Manchester area with a budget in the $500,000 range.  Matt is also marketing space at 44 Franklin Street in Nashua.  The smallest increment of space that can be leased is 4,300 s.f. with a maximum amount of 13,000 s.f. available.  This quality office/medical space is being offered at a lease rate of $10.00 psf NNN.  Lastly, Matt and his associates are marketing the former event center at 22 Garland Drive in Hampstead.  This 32,533 s.f. facility is beautifully designed with exceptional landscaping with the opportunity to convert to a brewery, winery, distillery, school or where your imagination can take you.  Asking price is $2,699,000.


Peter Mikolajczuh of Lightec, Inc. specializes in lighting audits and bringing in up to date lighting in order to save on your energy bills substantially.  Fifty percent rebates are being offered in order to utilize energy efficient lighting which has become popular these days.  Peter went on to explain that there is a regional gas initiative in the oil and propane world to provide rebates following certain cost saving policies.


Jeff Boufford of Boyd & Boufford Insurance Agency has offices both in Bedford and Amherst.  They offer a broad scope of services for commercial and residential insurance coverage as well as consulting with commercial real estate agents.  From self-storage, industrial, class A office, vacant buildings and everything in between, Jeff can handle all types of real estate. As far as empty buildings are concerned, Jeff has programs that cover environmental issues from long standing problems that result from neglect and inattention to a property.  Jeff is also on the membership committee for affiliate members to assist him in seeking other individuals who would like to become involved in bringing more new business owners and/or employees into the fold.


Steve Scheiner of St. Mary’s Bank which has the claim to fame as being the first in the nation credit union can provide a quick turnaround in lending situations.  They have the capability of doing deals as small as $100,000 up to several million dollars with a twenty-five year amortization.  Steve also wanted to point out that they can extend lines of credit for fleet vehicles which is something of a niche market.


Tim Wege of New Star Properties provides management services in three major categories – commercial, multi-family and condominium complexes.  He is celebrating the first anniversary of his company’s inception and is seeking projects that need personalized attention in the aforementioned types of real estate as well as strip malls.  With his hands on approach, he can give that extra TLC to owners.  Should there be issues within the property, he can bring in excellent vendors to remediate problems.  He stated that he would like to do more in the way of connecting with brokers in various geographical areas of the state.


John Burke of Burke Emergency Restoration who recently was on an educational panel for CIBOR joined us in his wife’s stead.  He operates a 24/7 emergency response team for both residential and commercial problems.  They handle all types of issues from mold, smoke and fire damage, odor, environmental as well as long term damage from neglect.  They operate in a one to one and half hour radius covering from York, Maine down to all parts of southern New Hampshire.  In that they have been in business for twelve years John has good connections with insurance carriers that he has established a good relationship with.


Vince Chestnut of Alpha Locksmith explained that he can handle automatic door openers for both commercial and residential that meet the American Disability Act coming into and going out of a property.  For main entrances the costs range from as low as $5,000 up to $10,000 whereas an interior type operated by battery is in the $2,000 range.  Piggy backing on Tony Fallon’s explanation of the new code, it is now the law with retrofits as small as 1,000 s.f. no matter if office or to the general public retail.  Vince congratulated Team Engineering i.e. John Turner for receiving two major awards through the New Hampshire Builders Association.


Joe Campbell of North Branch Construction with their home office based in Concord explained that their company is a full service construction company.  He has a client that is searching out a 10,000 s.f. facility with 5,000 s.f. of retail with the remaining space being cold storage.  In the event they cannot locate a property to retrofit, North Branch will need to identify a piece of dirt in order to commence a build to suit.  Their niche in the marketplace is in the institutional realm especially in the health care industry along with high profile companies having just completed a project for Stonyfield Yogurt.  Joe felt that their company can give excellent value along with significant savings.


Deana Theriault of NAI Norwood Group, Inc. announced a great income producing (23 unit) multi family building that she is currently marketing at 120 Myrtle Street in Manchester.  This classic Victorian has undergone significant uprades within the last five years allowing the new owner to enjoy a passive investment.  Ample on-site parking along with plenty of street parking.  The property is being offered at $1,240,000.  Deana went on to say that she also has a small investment office condo available for sale which is fully occupied at 109 Ponemah Road in Amherst.  The sale price for this attractive, well maintained property is $124,000.


Bill Jean of Fulcrum Associates, Inc. stated that they have been in business for twenty eight years.  Specializing in construction management from the ground up to everything in between, they are capable of taking on small tasks in the fit-up realm on the low side of $100,000 up to a $40,000,000 construction complex/campus project.  Their best value is to become involved very early in the process to provide the best and most realistic cost analysis prior to construction.  They have a data bank of costs relating to labor, building products and soft costs which will generate the end cost with great accuracy.  Fulcrum operates primarily in Northern Massachusetts, Southern Maine and New Hampshire with a host of projects in the seacoast area.


Louise Norwood of NAI Norwood Group, Inc. pitched several listings located along the Route 101 corridor in Bedford.  An investment property comprised of 13,690 s.f. is available for sale for $895,000.  In addition there are five units available for lease which would make for a great owner occupied property.  Judy Niles-Simmons and Chris Norwood have a 17,576 s.f. redevelopment property on six acres of land which was the former Grenon Trading Company at 276 Route 101.  The building could be utilized with a major retrofit (as Robert Cruess commented on the strength of the steel in what is known in the industry as a “Butler Building”), perhaps the highest and best use will be a complete revamp or tearing down the existing building to make way for new construction.  On the market for $1,700,000.  The last of the units at 360 Route 101 (Unit 5) Pine Tree Place is available for either lease and/or sale.  This 2,500 square foot office condominium is available for lease at a rental rate of $16.50 per square foot modified gross and for sale at a $275,000.


What a great meeting with many new faces along with the regulars, good feedback, some laughs and much fodder to contemplate not only on the commercial real estate portion but much was learned from affiliates in their diverse businesses.  It was an added treat to have my counterpart Tony Fallon from the Seacoast who is the scribe at the Seacoast Meetings attend and take part at the Statewide Marketing Session.  One broker commented to me via e-mail after the fact that we are a great group of business people who get along, share and rally together with much camaraderie.


The next session will be the last meeting that will be held at the Manchester Nashua Board of Realtors.  Beginning the month of November we will be meeting at the KW’s building.  More information to follow.


Have a glorious fall.

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