Seacoast Marketing Meeting Minutes June 2015

19 June 2015
New Hampshire Commercial Investment Board of Realtors
Minutes of Seacoast Marketing Session

Carol Estes with Kennebunk Savings Bank was the breakfast sponsor.  They are a mutual bank started in Kennebunk in 1871 and they serve Southern Maine, Strafford, and Rockingham Counties as well as elsewhere in New Hampshire.  Carol recently did a deal in Center Tuftonboro which is in Carroll County.  Kennebunk Savings expects to open a branch in Durham by the end of the year and plans to have pods that don’t require a teller.  There is a hunt on for a site for a branch in Stratham or Exeter.  A mutual bank has a different look and one difference is that they give back 10% of profits each year to non-profits.  Last year this giving totalled 790 thousand dollars reflecting a profit of 7.9 million dollars.  Since this program was started they have donated 8 million dollars.  Additionally, employees can do volunteer work on payroll hours.  Kennebunk Savings Bank has a 100 million dollar lending cap and Carol asks that you give them a shot at your search for chips and she wishes you well in all chip shots.

Cash Buyers

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture reached out to those who may wish to join the board of a proposed transitional facility for homeless vets, Starting Home, that he has designed in Carroll County at the former Carroll County Nursing Home.  This much needed facility would benefit from board members with management level capabilities.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has a cash buyer looking for smaller multi-families in the 4 to 6 unit range with caps based that are reasonable.  Christian was also the winner of the major door prize at the grand opening of Regus in Portsmouth.

Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker has a buyer looking for apartments of up to 25 units and higher in Dover or Somersworth.  Ralph also has a buyer looking for 5 or more apartment units pretty much anywhere.

Matt Randall with Public Speaking for Pros helps people polish up their pitches be they one minute or 10 minute so the heads, they are turned.  Matt stayed after to ride up and down the elevator to listen to elevator pitches.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank is a long time friend of Matt’s and has known him in Toastmasters as a great speaker.  Jeff appreciates the efficacy of this meeting.  One deal that sprung from here was a dentist referral from a CPA who attends, who borrowed a million bucks and was approved in 5 days and funded in under a month.  Jeff also rolled out 3/4 of a million dollars for the dentist’s home purchase in Newburyport.  Jeff’s cash cart is ready to roll.

Russ Doyle with Two International Group allowed that cash buyers can buy into 25 New Hampshire Avenue which is going the condo route (Editor’s Note:  medical users preferred).

Andre Tremblay with Franklin Savings Bank can provide fixed rates for 20 or 25 years from their bountiful bank that has been banking for 150 years.  Andre received kudo echoes for being the CIBOR Affiliate of the Year.  It was noted that John Jackman received the CIBOR Realtor of the Year.  Andre shared that it is weird to see your picture on the celebratory cake and Marie Bodi parlayed the play further sharing that when her picture was on the cake, someone (a competitor?) particularly enjoyed it.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy wore a bow tie today in honor of Tony Fallon who sports them so well.  Thanks Tad.  Tad helps you and yours manage energy supplies from residential to commercial to retail to industrial.  In all sectors, he helps lower costs at no cost.

Jim O’Donnell with 2 The Top Marketing delivered his lines about helping you with online marketing strategies.  They can virtually become your in house online asset.

Tia Hagan with Regus is now open at Suite 200 in 170 Commerce Way, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The monthly office rates start as low as $309 per month for a fully furnished turnkey single office.  They also have think pods which is a bit like a stationary swatch that radiates with options to make you smarter yet.  Brokers benefit from 10% fees wired in 7 days or so after signing of the deals.  Dandy!

Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith gave us magnets with his contact information to place on the other side of a locked door.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates helps with construction management in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northern Massachusetts.  They can start in dirt or fit up and have contacts with investors who might want to bring some earnest money to help you earn.

Robert Cruess with TF Moran & MSC Engineers was pleased to see ten people who did the back to back events of the annual BBQ and this morning’s session.  Robert has buyers looking for gas stations.

Beth Chea with Wells Fargo is a national lender that focuses on New England.  Wells Fargo does not ask for a banking relationship so you can keep all your accounts where is, as is.

Jerry Bazata with Newburyport 5 Cents Savings Bank has also enjoyed some success from attending this meeting including a client he referred to David Choate for a restaurant expansion.

Wendy Rayno with Federal Savings Bank noted they are celebrating 125 years in business next week.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial with offices in Portland and Portsmouth noted that in April, May, June, & July he had commercial deals that closed with all cash which avoided the angst over timely delivery of appraisals and bank approvals.

James Gallagher with Merrimack County Savings Bank joined us for the first time.  They are a 1.5 billion dollar institution that also owns Meredith Village Savings.  James hails from the Nashua office.

Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties serves Maine and New Hampshire.  Susan trotted out three cash buyers.  One seeks distressed hospitality sites anywhere in the United States.  Another looks for credit tenant anchored strips in Maine and New Hampshire.  The third is on the hunt for pad sites that have good visibility and are for purchase only in Maine, New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.

Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has cash buyers for deals from 200 thousand dollars to 14 million dollars.  David Choate shared that, for finding things for cash buyers, he has had a lot of luck with CPE email blasts to brokers.

Geremy Ayers with Comcast Business serves Maine and New Hampshire and is someone you can rely on to service all of your business telecomm needs.

Michael Bergeron with New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) helps you help businesses to land or expand in New Hampshire.

Andy Ward with Colliers has a buyer looking in the 2 to 4 million dollar range for value add opportunities.  They are patient and do not need to have cash flow immediately as long as the exit is identified.

Sheryl Watson with CTI can serve up communication technologies for voice, data, cable and keep it solid and stable.

Nick Aube with Avery Insurance offered the most awesome opportunity for all the bankers in the room to talk to him about financing his new car.

Larry Hirsch with Hirsch & Company, Inc. has a cash buyer looking to place from 1 to 6 million coming out of a 1031 exchange.  A broad range of opportunities are on the list from industrial to office to retail.  They need to have some cash flow and value adders are OK.

Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance offers certified insurance counseling for commercial lines from their Hampton offices.  Tobey and Merrill are cosponsors of the Hampton Beach sand sculpting contest being judged this weekend.  You could win a skim board!

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank noted that Profile has been banking for 107 years and they would be delighted to do your deal.

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA noted that there is 100 million dollars of development under way in Dover and they have a 3 year strategic intentions plan.  Dan lauded Michael Bergeron for being a great asset for the state at the state.  David Choate added that Michael’s team can help with things stuck in various agency hoops.

Marie Bodi with CP Management invited James Gallagher to attend as a result of talking with Victoria Gray of Federal Savings Bank.  CP Management can calm the property waters in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Nina Cutts with The Institution for Savings is a commercial lender studying Spanish and noted that the Spanish name for bow tie is kind of fun, “parajita.”  Nina also shared that the SBA is giving some cool incentives if you warm up to the idea of saving energy and show that your project saves 10% more than the norm.

Mindi Messmer with Barton & Loguidice has helped with a number of property transfers from clients referred to her from this meeting.  Mindy can help keep things clean moving to closing with things that are not so nice handled definitely deftly.

Suzanne McKechnie with Investcomm is a broker from Kennebunk who works with business development contacts, state economic development, and tourism.  They are the only exclusively commercial brokerage house in Southern Maine.

Carol Estes with Kennebunk Savings does middle market lending and noted that rates are creeping up to just over 5% with some equipment rates still just over 4%.

David Choate with Colliers has a buyer looking for 5 to 10 thousand sf from 125 East from Dover to Seabrook.  They want to buy, not lease.


The statewide NHCIBOR marketing meeting occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 9:00 to 10:15 at 166 South River Road in Bedford.

All the slots for breakfast sponsorship are filled for this year and next year there are 8 slots open.

Andre Tremblay welcomes people to come as visitors and at once encourages them to join NHCIBOR when ready to avail themselves of bountiful benefits.


Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture reached out to the bankers for Bill Green with Century 21 in Kittery who has had the listing for the former Catholic Church in Berwick, Maine for a few years.  Bill has a food service background and after such little activity during the listing, would like to take a swing at launching a function center at this site right opposite the Falls.  Bill has pared down the plans to where it works with his own earnest money for loans.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has 6000 sf available at 1000 Market Street for sublease and 2400 sf available across the hall from the 6000 sf at 1000 Market St.  These are nice spaces.

Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker highlighted a former bank building in Somersworth that would be optimal for another bank or a medical marijuana business that might benefit from the drive up window.  Ralph also has a 4 apartment listing in downtown Portsmouth that comes with a small church.  This listing at 217 Bartlett Street is in very tough condition but the City has opined that they will recognize and allow the 4 apartments to come back to life even though they have been vacant for a very long time.

Matt Randall with Public Speaking for Pros is running an 8 week public speaking course beginning 22 June 2015 that one can join mid stream.  Matt will help you develop or improve 1 minute, 10 minute, cold call, and chamber function pitches.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank spoke from beneath the brim of his African Safari hat and assured those looking to land elephant size loans that Jeff can do up to 30 million dollars with no participation from other banks.  Jeff also allowed that for loans bigger than a single elephant, Jeff can get that upstream within TD Bank.

Russ Doyle with Two International Group touched on their newest building that is under construction around the corner.  25 New Hampshire Avenue has a unit from Portsmouth Hospital on the first floor and there are still condos available on the upper floors.  This earth friendly LEED Gold or Platinum building will be heated and cooled via a geothermal system.  There are some restrictions so as to not compete with the first floor entity but there are many medical units that could flourish in synergy on the upper floors.  Plain old offices are welcome too and there is a private garage beneath.

Andre Tremblay with Franklin Savings Bank helps with some fully amortized loans and is having a great year.  They recently moved to Bedford Commons.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy says that energy is a hot topic.  Contact Tad who will deliver to you solutions that outperform utilities throughout New England.  New Hampshire has the highest energy cost behind Hawaii and Tad lowers energy costs at no cost.  Andre Tremblay says his clients love Tad.

Jim O’Donnell with 2 The Top Marketing let us know that searches from mobile devices have recently outpaced searches from computers.  Google and other search engines are now going to penalize sites that are not optimized for searches from mobile devices.  Keep your sites visible by optimizing for mobile searches.

Tia Hagan with Regus offered one and all to come do a test drive of one of their swatch looking think pods or rooms more roomy for free and freedom.  Brokers bringing customers are bequeathed benefits.

Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith helps property managers managing headaches to reduce the headaches by mastering up with master keys.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates brightened the morning opining that early on is the best value they can bring to the table.  Tony Donovan thanked Bill for sending an investor his way as a result of one of these sessions.

Robert Cruess with TF Moran & MSC Engineers passed out signed copies of his collectable business cards adorned with both logos post merger.  Robert’s card includes his mobile number which he has answered around the world as he endeavors to remain always available.

Beth Chea with Wells Fargo can help with leasehold improvements as well as equipment purchases as well as startups.  Beth recently helped a startup brewery.

Jerry Bazata with Newburyport 5 Cents Savings Bank has been through Russ Doyle’s building at 25 International Drive and is awed by the awesome space that he thinks will be the next showcase for the Seacoast.  Jerry declared that everybody’s pre-approved who wants to buy a condo there!

Wendy Rayno with Federal Savings Bank still has someone looking for a 1200 to 2000 sf offices with 1 or 2 bays with land that would allow heavy equipment parking in the Portsmouth to Greenland areas.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial trotted out a listing that has been around for a bit that has a motivated seller near Sebago Lake.  There are 9 units with 8 of them being single occupancy and one, a three bedroom.  This was going for 289 thousand dollars and is now set at 275 thousand dollars.  It is on a bus line and is better than a 13 cap.

James Gallagher with Merrimack County Savings Bank shared that they are a 1.5 billion dollar entity and James can lend up to 43 million dollars to deals.

Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties has a property south of Augusta on Interstate 95 that is just before a northbound exit which allows people to see the property and then get off at the immediate upcoming exit.  The current use is a log home company so there is a warehouse as part of the deal.

Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has a 4500 sf end cap that will become available at the end of the year in Seabrook at the Kohl’s Plaza that has Lowe’s next door.  There is a Famous Footwear there now and a 6500 sf Japanese restaurant going in.

Geremy Ayers with Comcast Business assured us that the calls that go to the call center for him don’t get lost and that he took a call last night on his cell from an IT director in Texas for a company coming into Portsmouth that had called their call center.  They keep flexible hours to serve you optimally.

Michael Bergeron with DRED helps lay down the hurdles and hoops that might pop up.  Michael will keep your transaction in full confidence so there is no concern about losing the listing.  They recently helped US Foods in Seabrook.

Andy Ward with Colliers has 56-58 Main Street in Raymond which offers 3 apartments and an office that is 100% occupied and sports 6 private parking spots.  These 4510 sf of office space are going for 2000 dollars per month or selling for 250 thousand dollars.

Sheryl Watson with CTI lands with lines for your land lines as well as solutions to make your land line and cell phone a single entity entirely.

Nick Aube with Avery Insurance serves up sweet insurance policies from Portsmouth and by the Dockside Ice Cream Parlor in Wolfeboro.

Larry Hirsch with Hirsch & Company, Inc. thanked Michael Bergeron for being quite a bit of help over the years.  Michael has been a great help to Larry and there has never been any slips with the confidentiality coverage.  Larry has a curiously tired listing at 55 Heritage Avenue in Portsmouth that entails a 25,400 sf space that used to be mostly office and has recently had a shift to offer more warehouse/industrial space.  This is the only building of this size on the market, has oodles of parking, and is going for 5.95 dollars psf NNN.  A prime catch!

Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance is facile with flood insurance.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank put on her Durham Economic Development hat and noted that there is 100,000 sf of space available at the Goss Building in Durham for 8.95 dollars psf and that it easily chops up into 7,000 to 10,000 sf chunks.  This is a sublease on a prime lease that has 11 years left to go.

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA allowed that allowances and permits pop promptly in Dover with their policy of gathering all department heads to informally review a concept prior to any pen to paper.  They help owners from inception to hatch a project.  Once the pen hits the paper and you go before the boards, all the department heads will attend the meetings and advocate for your project.  Dover projects a positive process that is proven.  Dan also passed around a quarterly report that tracks progress in retail, tourism, business, real estate, and residential growth.

Nina Cutts with The Institution for Savings is a commercial lender covering the Seacoast.  Some recent activity is the Connie Bean project in Portsmouth, projects in Dover, and 68 units across from the Exeter Courthouse.

Mindi Messmer with Barton & Loguidice reminded everyone that underground tanks need to be removed or provided with secondary containment by 22 December 2015 in New Hampshire.

Suzanne McKechnie with Investcomm trotted out a likely residential development opportunity that is one of the largest parcels on Mousam Lake at 6.13 acres with 1100 feet of lake frontage that is going for 925 thousand dollars.  It could also be kept whole to make you whole as a large respite.  Dock and boat are negotiable.

Carol Estes with Kennebunk Savings Bank noted that a couple of land subdivisions are popping up across the horizon.

David Choate with Colliers has a new listing in Dover at 100 First Street that could be 4000 to 8200 sf of restaurant or function facility space on the river in a brand new building that will lease out at 19.75 dollars psf NNN.  David also has 4575 sf of industrial office/warehouse space in Portsmouth that has an overhead door but no dock with 1100 of the square feet being above ground level.

Haves and Wants

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture designed a Mexican restaurant at the new Surf at Hampton Beach.  The owner was having a difficult time visualizing the plan so Tony did some more work on the digital model and created a walk through movie that he passed around on his iPad.

Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has an office opportunity at 1-2 Tide Mill Road in Hampton that could be up to 4 units and range from 2800 sf to 14,000 sf.  Christian is also working with a hotel group seeking a site in the Seacoast up to 2.3 acres.  There are two sites that they are considering and they would be happy to look at additional ones

Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker asked us to please not forget the 3300 sf office space with a Butler building complete with loading dock in Hampton at 200 Drakeside he has that you can have for 525 thousand dollars.  Ralph also has a mixed use portfolio in downtown Rochester with 24 residential units and 7 commercial units going for 1.79 million dollars.  This is something around a 10 cap and most units are rented currently.

Matt Randall with Public Speaking for Pros helps leaders make changes in organizations via proper positive pitches.  If you know someone who has to gear up to make a transformational change in a company and they need help to better be a transformational leader, give Matt a ring.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank shared the sharing that he and TD have donated.  Jeff is on the board of the Rochester Opera House where both of his daughters have performed and where he recently enjoyed a fabulous show by LeAnn Rimes.  Jeff would be happy to get people a pair of tickets gratis so as to engage you in this historic and wonderful venue with the moving floor.

Andre Tremblay with Franklin Savings Bank lends dollars anywhere in New England and reached out to those who have not signed on as CIBOR members to remember to afford themselves the bounteous benefits of membership.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy said that during these days of delight with the warm temperatures is the opportune optimal time to sign deals for natural gas.

Jim O’Donnell with 2 The Top Marketing can supplement your staff intelligently so you’re not caught on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Tia Hagan with Regus just opened their staffed, furnished, wired, and friendly offices with receptive reception at 170 Commerce Way in Portsmouth which is one of 3000 locations around the world.  Sign on up and have a staffed office available to you wherever you travel.  Brokers benefit nicely from sending companies their way that aren’t ready for the regular lease market.

Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith brings professional security services to your door.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates is wrapping up 200 beds of privately funded student housing in Durham in 6 weeks.  At the seashore in Salisbury and Hampton, Fulcrum has the first stage of their Beach Road, Salisbury market rate project ready and they are under way with 20 units on N Street in Hampton.

Robert Cruess with TF Moran is working on an expansion to the GE Hooksett plant and advised all to look on Facebook to see if they see themselves from pictures the New England Real Estate Journal took at the annual BBQ.

Jerry Bazata with Newburyport 5 Cents Savings Bank rocked the session with updating us with two upcoming stints he will do as DJ extraordinaire.  Come be Jerry’s guest on stage during the fireworks show at Ogunquit Beach along with the cast of Victor Victoria from the Ogunquit Playhouse.  Also come join Jerry in the Cabana before he climbs to the disk spinning station high over Water Country.  Swing on in!

Wendy Rayno with Federal Savings thanked everybody for the hotel leads for her customer who was looking.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial listed a nicely restored farmhouse in York, Maine that is a nice office with 2100 sf over two stories going for 10 dollars psf.

Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties was in Buffalo yesterday and landed in Tewksbury last night.  She shot up here this morning to make the meeting which she values very much.  Another business that Susan operates is a compliance business for brokers.  She’d be happy to help you remain pliable enough to as to remain in compliance.

Rick Rostoff with Linear Retail  Properties drove up from Boston this morning to hunt for shopping centers to buy.  Linear has bought 70 million dollars of retail assets in the last two months and owns 78 retail sites overall.  Ten of their retail sites are in New Hampshire with 6 of these in Nashua.  They would like to buy two or three more in New Hampshire.  Rick would love to hear from bankers and brokers and his company does take outs from banks buying up loans for retail assets.  Value adds are OK.

Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood is offering two free passes to visit his listing of 1100 to 4800 sf at Heritage Commons.

Geremy Ayers with Comcast Business thanked Andy Fleisher for inviting him here.

Michael Bergeron with DRED announced they have an RFP to software developers to amp up their site to automatically grab any listings from NECPE so they can help you get leads.

Andy Ward with Colliers has 472 High Street in Somersworth, the former ReMax office.  This location with 22 offices and 2 conference rooms on 3 floors was recently renovated down to the studs and would be nice to move right into as is.  There are some ways to break it up if needed.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank cheered on Bill Jean to focus and get the student’s rooms finished.

Marie Bodi with CP Property Management was grateful to Vince for helping her in a non-master keyed deal and Tad for saving jingle spent on sparks.  Marie looks forward to getting help on gas costs too and reached out to Robert Cruess with an engineering question.

Suzanne McKechnie with Investcomm has 9 acres that are highly visible in the Sanford/Biddeford area that were going to be a hotel across from a casino.  This site might be good for car dealers and is going for 975 thousand dollars.

Carol Estes with Kennebunk Savings Bank keeps her commercial real estate license active including the continuing education classes.  This gives Carol additional perspectives to help with your deals that will delight.

David Choate with Colliers has a client looking for an upscale barbershop – downtown Portsmouth is preferred, but any heavy traveled first floor space on the Seacoast will be considered..  Something like 800 to 1000 sf is the ticket.

 Note from Tony Fallon Architecture: These Minutes are what I understand people to have said at this meeting. Please contact people referenced to verify and clarify.

Next Meeting is 8:00 – 9:45 am Friday 17 July 2015 at
One New Hampshire Avenue, Third Floor Conference Room
Pease International Tradeport

The sponsor will be Tobey & Merrill Insurance

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