Seacoast Marketing Meeting January 2016 Minutes

15 January 2016
New Hampshire Commercial Investment Board of Realtors
Minutes of Seacoast Marketing Session 

Corey Stevens, Peter Kiriakoutsos, and Kyung Kim with Howe, Riley, and Howe Accountants were the breakfast sponsors.  Kyung is a partner and they offer full service accounting from a business that has been around for 60 years in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Last June they created a beachhead in Portsmouth which has been a good move.  Howe, Riley, and Howe has 30 CPAs in their total personnel count of 55.  They provide audits, accounting, and tax preparation for closely held businesses, individuals, non-profits, trusts, and estates.  They seriously strive for superior service and have been listed for 5 years in New Hampshire Business Review in the best category.  Peter thought that maybe the record turnout out of 73 people is part of New Years resolutions for growing one’s business.  He shared their new compass initiative which provides outsourcing from CFOs to bookkeeping and a whole gamut of services to help clients keep things organized with tax planning, financing applications, and accurate records.  This has been a huge benefit.

Cash Buyers

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture arranges construction to your liking for commercial and residential in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Peter Gluckler with Masiello is looking for one to two acres from Hampton to Portsmouth on Lafayette Road.  They have seen the listings so please call with the off market opportunities.

Andy Ward with Colliers is looking for a small distribution center from Seabrook to Portsmouth, and Pelham to Hampton.  They don’t need much height.  Just 12 feet will do.  A dock and drive in door would be good too.

Maxine Kenny with Colliers is looking for 10,000 sf of warehouse/industrial space in Portsmouth for a million dollar purchaser and they may consider other locations.  Also, Maxine is looking for 800 to 1000 sf of retail on the first floor in Downtown Portsmouth.

Heather Rowan with Office Resources can help with space planning, budgeting, and move coordination.

Russ Doyle with Two International Group touted 18,000 sf of nice high end office space with not quite as many bells and whistles that affords a great rate of 14 dollars psf NNN at 15 Rye Street.  This is down past Lonza.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy from East Hampstead, New Hampshire specializes in supply solutions for electricity and natural gas.  He has helped clients save millions.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates in Amherst, New Hampshire constructs things in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond in both the new and redo modes.

Vincent Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith saw his picture in the New Hampshire Business Review.

Jay Lee with NAI Norwood let us know of his shift to NAI Norwood.  Jay has two Korean cash buyers.  One is looking at 10 caps from 2 to 5 million dollars and the other at things 4 cap and below 20 million dollars and up.  No specific type or location.

David DeLise with NAI Norwood also let us know of his shift to NAI Norwood.  David has a 1031 buyer looking for something within one hour of the Seacoast that is stabilized retail, distribution, or light industrial where they can place 3 to 5 million in cash and can lever up from there.

Alicia Kalil with Allied Business Consulting joined us for the first time at the invitation of Ben Baroody whom she is helping launch his real estate business again.  Alicia is a commercial business developer and broker.  Currently she has buyers for a limo company in the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  On the selling side, she has a telecom business and a liquor store that are both going for around 1.5 million dollars.  The liquor store is in Merrimac, MA.

Ben Baroody with Baroody Real Estate has relaunched Baroody Real Estate again.  Ta da!

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA had copies of their monthly economic report that covers both Dover and the region.

Corey Colwell with TF Moran/MSC Engineering witnessed an accident on his way to the meeting and was able to help at the scene.  Corey passed on word of what he would have shared if he had made the meeting.  Corey has been named partner and their firm has been nominated for a best of business award with New Hampshire Business Review.  You can vote on the latter through January.

Cam Woodford with Sperry Van Ness has someone looking for a value add apartment deal from Maine to south of New York City for 2.5 million dollars and up.  Cam is also seeking retail pads, gas stations, redevelopment sites, strip malls, and grocery store sites.

James Betzer with Sperry Van Ness from Portland, Maine is looking for a 1 to 3 million dollar placement that is off market in the Portland area.

James Goodhue with Primary Bank is here to help all the cash buyers leverage up their purchases.  The bank launched 6 months ago and is off to a good trajectory.

John Jackman with Jackman Commercial Realty said he was a “virgin” to this meeting, but has 7,600 sf of medical office space in Hampton that is available at 55 High Street for 16.50 to 19.50 dollars psf modified gross.

Joe Horvath with Optima Bank is with a newish bank that has grown well and hopes to continue so.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank is not afraid to talk of their 107 year old age.  If you need money, they have it.

Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty Group has a group that looks for deals with hair on them.  The ones that are mostly vacant, encumbered by hazmat, and have loads of deferred maintenance are the apples of their eyes.  5 to 20 million dollars is the sweet spot.  They are looking in New Hampshire, can close quickly, and are patient money.

Erik Crisman with Brookstone Builders serves New Hampshire as well as Maine and Massachusetts from their Manchester office.

Michael J. Farinola, Certified General Appraiser Licensed in New Hampshire & Maine, apprised us that he appraises.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial effused the efficacy of this meeting and the minutes of the same.  In December, Tony offered that he had a cash buyer for apartments at the meeting.  Somebody who hadn’t attended for a year or so, received the minutes from Tony Fallon and contacted Tony Donovan with an apartment offering and the deal is close to closing.  Tony Donovan thanked Tony Fallon for the good minutes and Tony Fallon said your good referrals are good enough.

Pam Lynch with NAI Norwood has a cash buyer looking for a hotel under 500 thousand dollars anywhere in New Hampshire.

Hank Beresin with First Street Brokers has someone looking for a light industrial business.

Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker is on the hunt for a couple of good earning opportunities with fully tenanted offerings that are 9 cap plus deals.  They like residential, but it is not needed.  Also, Ralph has a hunt on for a 25 to 30 bed sober house.

Marc Carbonneau with Georgetown Bank thanked Vince Chestnut and Mindi Messmer for ably assisting on some deals.

Don McFadden with Saint Germain Collins is happy to help with hairy hazmat deals in Southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Erin Pike with Saint Germain Collins joined us for the first time.

Larry Zeller with Portsmouth Computer and Copy has other offices in Portland, Augusta, and Bangor.

Doreen Austin with Northeast Credit Union has lots of dollars to distribute.

Beth Chea with Wells Fargo is a national lender of dollars for deals.

Mary Ellen Humphrey with Durham Economic Development invited one and all to come on over to Durham to see all that is going on.

Lexi Manus with The Bean Group has someone looking for 1200 sf in Downtown Portsmouth.

Carol Estes Granite Bank can help with SBA and other loans with no groans.

Jack Mannix at EndPoint Environmental likes the dastardly, dirty deals with hair on them.

Greg Schena with Masiello Commercial has a listing for 21,000 sf of industrial space in Portsmouth with 14,000 sf of that being high bay with 6 loading docks and a commercial kitchen at this former Dunkin’ Donuts bakery at 199 Constitution Avenue.

Gerry Mylroie with KW Commercial has a buyer for self storage land or buildings on 2 to 5 acres in Southern New Hampshire.

Vickie Gray with Citizens Bank noted that they will finish separating from the Bank of Scotland in March and went through the largest bank IPO in US history in November of 2015.   Vickie is handling treasury management services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Praveen Rajasekhar with Citizens Bank joined us for the first time.  He will be happy to help lend money to you and yours.

Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates offers CM and design/build services.  They have assisted with a number of Margaritas and are working on a 94 apartment complex in Portsmouth.

Nancy Carmer with Portsmouth Economic Development was glad to loop back in and join us.  Nancy noted that the various economic development directors can really help you and they work collaboratively too.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank thanked Howe, Riley, and Howe for two quality referrals in the last 6 months.  Jeff, a recovering CPA, found the documentation that Howe, Riley, and Howe put together for the loan applications to be top notch which is saying something in the state with notches.

Ash Fishbein with Sap House Meadery is also part owner of Hobb’s Brew Pub in Ossipee on Route 16.  Ash talked up the Ossipee area as a place to obtain great values in a gorgeous area at the cross roads of 25 and 16 as well as the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire.

Bob Viel with Remax Legacy has a 30 cap offering for $75,900 that is an auto repair shop with two high bays and compressors.  Bob also has a multi-family just into Farmington from Rochester and 4 acres of land in Rochester.  Additionally, Bob has a 10 unit apartment that is available.

Barbara Lizotte with Tobey and Merrill Insurance can help with commercial lines and is happy how 2015 turned out.

Dave Garvey with KW Commercial is looking for 200 unit and up multi-family apartments and will go down to 150 units in the Seacoast area.

Samantha Goodwin with KW Commercial joined us for the first time.  Samantha’s family operates Goodwin Hospitality based in Concord, New Hampshire which is a hospitality consulting firm offering a broad spectrum of services to the hospitality industry nationally.  Samantha is going to get a license and shift into commercial real estate.

David Choate with Colliers took this opportunity to opine about some brokers not desiring to attend because of the presence of non-brokers.  David has found lots of leads from non-brokers.  David then asked who in the room served on a planning/zoning board or other type of commission.  Bob Baskerville, Mike Farinola, Mary Ellen Humphreys, Ute Luxem, George Nasias, Carol Estes, David Choate, Ben Baroody, and Bill Jean were some of those raising their hands.  David later tied this into the task force that is seeking to help municipalities optimize their economic opportunities by optimizing their planning/zoning reviews.

Al Silva with Silva Graphics signified the significance of signs that he can serve up in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Marie Bodi with CP Management helps manage the assets that the cash buyers buy and noted that they have managed the 55 High Street in Hampton that John Jackman is offering.

Bob Baskerville with Bedford Design provides survey, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.

Sheryl Watson with CTI assists with commercial business telephone, voice, and cabling in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Nick Aube with Avery Insurance offers offerings of commercial and humor lines across from Jumpin’ Jays at their Portsmouth office which is a branch of their Wolfeboro base.

Don Marshall with Marshall Associates is a business broker who banters beautifully.

Adam Johnston with Optima Bank announced his shift to Optima Bank and is based in Bedford.  This commercial bank will help your commerce.

Christine Soutter with Somersworth Economic Development says you can count on traffic counts from her along with other helps to land your client happily.  79e’s are great for tax breaks after upgrading properties.

Justin Avery with New Hampshire Department of Resource and Economic Development (DRED) assists municipalities and brokers bringing cash buyers to New Hampshire with the state’s resources of studious studies, factual figures, and able analysis.

Rick Vandenberg with Weston & Sampson joined us for the first time.  They are the environmental consultant for the Prime Tanning site in Berwick, Maine which is an exciting project for both the site and the town of Berwick.  Contact Rick if interested.

George Naslas with Weston & Sampson joined us for the first time.  They are happy to help with environmental due diligence throughout New England.

Tom Duffy with Prudential Verani has a buyer for affordable housing units in Strafford and Rockingham County.  They will look down to 12 unit blocks but the normal is 24 to 48 units.

Mindi Messmer with Terra Nova Environmental LLC is now an affiliate member of NHCIBOR and let us know that she serves up lots of phase one and two studies for the small to mid-sized projects through her woman owned business which helps with some state and SBA deals.  For larger situations, she can loop in with her last employer, Barton & Loguidice.

Cheryl Gilman White with Brownell Insurance joined us for the first time.  Cheryl assured us that she offers commercial insurance for Maine and New Hampshire from a 20 year base of experience.

Corey Stevens with Howe, Riley, & Howe wished all a Happy New Year.  Corey is the business administrator for Howe, Riley, & Howe and so mostly interfaces with their own staff.  Corey does handle some trust administration for clients and enjoys that opportunity.  David Choate reminded us that Corey used to work with Bob Thoresen and Mark McNabb and was an intern for Nancy Carmer many years ago.

Peter Kiriakoutsos with Howe, Riley, and Howe announced that we received a Christmas present with the 179 being back and to take that into account with your accountant on your taxes.

Kyung Kim with Howe, Riley, and Howe let us know that they offer tax services to all levels of people and lots of different industries in need of any accounting or financial services.

David Choate with Colliers has 22,000 sf of excess space that the buyer of 52,000 sf in Dover does not need.  This is high bay manufacturing or warehouse space that could be in units as small as 10,000 sf.  There are a couple of loading docks and the rate is 6 dollars psf NNN.


The statewide NHCIBOR marketing meeting occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 9:00 to 10:15 at the GMNBR training room at 318 South River Road in Bedford.

There will be a core course on 12 February 2016 at KW Commercial in Bedford beginning at 8:30 am.

The upcoming NHCIBOR forum on 23 February 2016 from 8:30 am until noon at Energy Park in Manchester that will look at best practices used by cities and towns in the review and approval process was spoken of again.  The goal is to research how the review boards that are doing well are doing well and distill this for distribution so as to entice all to do better.  Developers, land use attorneys, and civil engineers along with brokers are solicited to attend.

Heather Rowan spoke of an upcoming after hours on 15 March 2016 at Neighborhood Beer Company in Exeter that will be sponsored by Georgetown Bank.  There is another one coming up sooner on 18 February 2016 at the New England’s Tap House Grille in Hooksett.  Heather also reached out to all the new faces to consider joining NHCIBOR.

Ben Baroody is a New Hampshire State Representative and asks you to call if you are having problems with licensing since the real estate licensing got shifted to the general board of licensing for the state.  There have been a lot of problems and Ben is seeking to get it back out of there.

Listings + Haves & Wants

(Just two rounds due to the numbers)

Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture was swimming the previous day in the ocean at Fort Lauderdale on the last day of visiting his daughter and son in law with wife dear.  They flew right from Pease to Fort Lauderdale on Allegiant and it worked out pretty well.

Peter Gluckler with Masiello opined that the annual MEREDA meeting in Portland is really worth attending if you are active anywhere in New England and particularly if you are so in Maine.  It’s a goodly chunk of change but worth it.  Peter has 6500 sf of usable retail fish/lobster market with a small restaurant in York that is going for 515 thousand dollars and might be available for lease in the 12 to 15 dollars psf range.

Andy Ward with Colliers highlighted a listing in Milton at Exit 17 of Route 16 at 16 Commercial Way.  There are 5 industrial lots with one that is already improved with a 26,000 sf building.  Also at this same exit Andy had a lot that would be great for a gas station and has good visibility with an approved sign visible from Route 16.  The asking price is 500 thousand dollars.

Maxine Kenny with Colliers has the Auto Fair Subaru on 125 in Plaistow on 2 acres with a 10,000 sf building and 19,000 cars per day for sale at 1.5 million dollars.  Maxine also has the Zampa restaurant property in Epping for sale.  This is a high visibility, good restaurant site that could also be a good opportunity for redevelopment.  The asking price is $600,000 for the 1.46 acres at the corner of Routes 125 and 27 at the traffic light.

Heather Rowan with Office Resources has a variety of types of clients from Provident Bank in Bedford to an incubator office at 30 Maplewood Avenue.

Russ Doyle with Two International Group brought up 15 Rye Street at Pease again.  There is 9,000 sf on two floors and the lease is a delightfully discounted rate.  Russ talked of the many political candidates who spoke in this meeting room and how today’s turnout rivaled those.

Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy says it is easy to save lots on natural gas and electricity.

Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates brings good value early on with all types of use groups.  Bill knows of a 10 lot subdivision in Hudson that has a boat ramp tied into it and not to the Hudson, but to the Merrimack River.

Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith has dolphin safe security.

Jay Lee with NAI Norwood has a listing of 5.6 acres with 17,000 cars per day going for 210 thousand dollars.

David DeLise with NAI Norwood highlighted the former Weathervane Seafood Restaurants headquarters on Badger’s Island in Kittery, Maine.  This 14,000 sf has office space, a functioning restaurant, and a lobster distribution business including a deep water dock and two truck loading docks.  The lease rates go from 7 to 28 dollars psf.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial spoke of how their sale of the Weathervane Bedford site occurred quickly as a result of this meeting.  Tony Fallon notes:  Weathervane headquarters are now at the Kittery, Maine Weathervane Restaurant complex across from Kittery Trading Post.

Alicia Kalil with Allied Business Consulting pointed out a couple of things.  Alicia is unique in that she can help people arrange things to sell their own businesses.  Alicia also wanted us to know of a client that has an auto auction business for sale on 125 in Epping on 7 acres.

Ben Baroody with Baroody Real Estate is setting up his re-birth at 1015 Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.  He has two residential agents with him and he will also be doing commercial brokerage and some modular home construction so let him know of your lots of lots.

Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA noted an event on 28 January 2016 that the Dover Chamber of Commerce is putting on with speakers touting the benefits of Dover.  It will be held at the Garrison Room at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

Tony Donovan with KW Commercial spoke again of their new office in Portland, Maine that is a merger and brings 11 new realtors.  Tony has 3 motels that are nicely priced.  Sleep well with 24 beds in Windham, Maine, 25 beds in Boothbay Harbor, and/or 27 beds in Portland, Maine.  They all have houses available as part of the deals.

Pam Lynch with NAI Norwood spoke of an offering in Ogunquit on Route One.  The existing restaurant can be reopened as is or one can have a smaller restaurant, some retail, and an inn on the second floor.  Tony Fallon put together a plan showing the latter and TF Moran/MSC has prepared a preliminary site plan for your visionary visions.  Fried foods need not apply in Ogunquit, but brew pubs are welcome!

Hank Beresin with First Street Brokers has a wedding venue for sale with 7 bedrooms and 200 acres which grossed 625 thousand dollars last year and is going for 2.6 million dollars.

Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker is looking for off market commercial and residential from Portsmouth to Somersworth with some upside potential and has a Newmarket, New Hampshire portfolio that has been largely upgraded.  Ralph also has a buyer for single family homes that are good values from Portsmouth to Farmington that can be held or flipped.  These can close quickly.

Marc Carbonneau with Georgetown Bank serves up all kinds of commercial and business financing in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Don McFadden with Saint Germain Collins also spoke highly of the MEREDA annual event and invited people to stop by their booth.

Erin Pike with Saint Germain Collins said they’ll have good coffee at the MEREDA event.

Larry Zellers with Portsmouth Computer and Copy continued the Christmas season with free Kindles when one buys some of their new equipment offerings.

Doreen Austin with Northeast Credit Union helps businesses and investors in 504 SBA loans to whatever loans and says, “Go Patriots!”

Mary Ellen Humphrey with Durham Economic Development was a state senator and urged all to testify and otherwise communicate on legislation moving through Concord.  Be strategic!

Lexi Manus with The Bean Group just closed on a duplex in Rollinsford and was wondering about doing things in Rollinsford.  She was advised to speak with Nancy Carmer who lives there!

Carol Estes with Granite Bank says to see them, the friendly bank.

Jack Mannix at EndPoint Environmental went a courting ugly, hairy, scary deals.

Greg Schena with Masiello Commercial has a 6,000 sf showroom with 5,000 sf of high bay for an 11,000 sf total offering with 3 overhead doors in Portsmouth with an owner anxious to move.

Gerry Mylroie with KW Commercial has 6,000 sf at the Weathervane Seafood Restaurant complex across from the Kittery Trading post available for 18 dollars psf.  A great location.

Praveen Rajasekhar with Citizens Bank is facile with working with investors and real estate down to a 500 thousand dollar minimum.

Vickie Gray with Citizens Bank helps customers optimize their cash flow with things like fraud mitigation and lock boxes.

Cam Woodfard with Sperry Van Ness says their MEREDA booth is right across from the bar.  Cam has 3 residences and 26 lots and 17 condos in Brunswick near Routes One and 95.  Cam also has 40 lots in Topsham.

James Betzer with Sperry Van Ness has an 11,000 sf build to suit opportunity in Topsham.

James Goodhue with Primary Bank says Primary is a full service commercial bank helping investors and all types of businesses.  They are a new bank with a robust technical platform.  They have no minimums on the loans.

John Jackman with Jackman Commercial Realty was trying to find his virginity that he lost at the meeting.  Brokerage is tough!  John has a subdivision available as well as 35,000 sf of office space in a tower.

Joe Horvarth with Optima Bank helps with real estate and small business deals.

Ute Luxem with Profile Bank put on her Durham hat and noted that there is going to be a lot of office space on Technology Drive with some tax incentives.

Rick Mulvee with Tower Realty Group has 35,000 sf of warehouse in the Millyard in downtown Manchester with loading docks and three floors.  This space had been given to non-profits for many years and was ill used by them hence the shift to market tenants.  This could be used as some self-storage space but, since it has lower headroom, it won’t work for today’s industrial and warehouse needs.

Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates is happy to help construct construction constructively.

Nancy Carmer with Portsmouth Economic Development noted Portsmouth’s economic development zones which are great to list on listing sheets with credits available tax wise for the tax wise.  Nancy also spoke about the Portsmouth character zoning with no mention of characters on the zoning board.  And Nancy shared news of the initiative for economic retention where they are looking for volunteers to be ready to meet with those on the fence about staying in Portsmouth.

Jeff Brown with TD Bank has found this session to be a pleasure to be part of and thought it would be good to help get the word out about potential in the Mount Washington Valley.

Ash Fischbein with Tap House Meadery spoke again about the plusses of the Ossipee and Mount Washington Valley areas.  There is high traffic and a low buy in to play path.  Ash owns Sap House Meadery which is a nationally distributed producer while also owning part of Hobbs brew pub and a winery..  Ash is a self confessed serial entrepreneur born and raised in Ossipee.

Bob Viel with Remax Legacy has a 1500 sf office across from Federal Savings Bank in Dover, New Hampshire that is ADA friendly.  Bob also has 903 Central Avenue in Dover that is 2040 sf of retail and office for 10 dollars psf at a move right in condition.  Bob thanked Renee Plummer and CP Management and wished God’s Blessings on them for the use of this meeting room.

Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has enjoyed mead from Sap House and meat from Hobbs.  Dave also has a couple listings in Durham.  One is 2400 sf on the top floor at 9 Madbury Road in Durham, New Hampshire going for 12 dollars psf NNN with 7 dollar nets.

Al Silva with Silva Graphics can help with LED message centers from Gillette Stadium to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Marie Bodi with CP Management helps with all property types, commercial and residential.  Marie also touted the efficacy of this meeting and working with Tad Dziemian who makes her look good on top of lowering her work load with good discounts and reports.

Bob Baskerville with Bedford Design Group can help with civil engineering among other things.  Some of their projects are 55 and overs with three of these under construction.

Sheryl Watson with CTI keeps things clear with communication technology.

Don Marshall with Marshall Associates has a property management business for sale with 125 properties 20 minutes from this meeting.  It grosses 630,000 dollars annually and cash flows 140 thousand.  There are 3 realtors on board and the business is in a growth mode.

Christine Soutter with Somersworth Economic Development directed our attention to the business section of for up to date info.  Christine noted the value of the Coast Bus system for the Seacoast employers and noted that the financial support from the municipalities needs to continue for the line to remain viable.  Let your voice be heard to keep workers with a way to work.

Justin Avery with DRED alerted all to a deadline for applying for the economic revitalization zones of 10 February 2016 for application to your 2015 taxes.

Rick Vandenberg with Weston & Sampson noted that they are one of 5 contractors with DES approval for work with MBTE cleanups.  Rick also spoke of the Prime Tanning site in Berwick, Maine right across the river from Somersworth.  These 11 acres right in the heart of downtown offers high bay space and a new Main Street.  They have one company interested in this exciting spot with a 13,000 car per day traffic count.

George Naslas with Weston & Sampson allowed that they are a 117 year old company and have helped a lot with waste water treatment systems.

Tom Duffy with Prudential Verani envisions a sparkling 2016.

Mindi Messmer with Terra Nova Environmental LLC let us know that on 22 December 2015 the deadline for getting underground storage tanks taken care of occurred.  There was a crush of proposals at the end, so if you tried to comply, there will likely be lower fines.

Cheryl Gilman White with Brownell Insurance reached out to those dealing with hairy hazmat deals and the Badger’s Island lease offering.  Cheryl is familiar and facile with these and other markets.

Corey Stevens with Howe, Riley, & Howe says they work with 23 developers and hopes to help his hometown of Exeter be a friendly place to do deals.

Peter Kiriakoutsos with Howe, Riley, and Howe apprised us of tax time.

Kyung Kim with Howe, Riley, and Howe wished us the happiest of tax times.

David Choate with Colliers has a redevelopment deal on the corner of 125 and Old Dover Road in Rochester, New Hampshire where TD Bank is located and is known as Merchants Plaza.  It is on the market for 1.25 million dollars and TD will probably stay at this acre plus site with high visibility and a high traffic count.

Note from Tony Fallon Architecture: These Minutes are what I understand people to have said at this meeting. Please contact people referenced to verify and clarify.

Next Meeting is 8:00 – 9:45 am on the third Friday, 19 February 2016, at

One New Hampshire Avenue, Third Floor Conference Room Pease International Tradeport

The sponsor will be Profile Bank

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