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NHCIBOR President, Mark DickeyThe chill is in the air and looks like fall is now upon us. As I ask everyone, “How is business?” REALTORS are busy getting deals done and Affiliates have projects in motion. There is always something “everyone” can do to help no matter how busy we are, whether big or small to keep the momentum in our markets going.

It is always funny to see how people react when asking them for help (in general, but not with everyone.) I was in a meeting the other day with a very proactive group and when it came time for everyone to choose a small task, you could have heard a pin drop. Those of us in leadership at NHCIBOR are aware of how busy everyone is and would like to see everyone participate more, which is why we have worked hard not to have volunteers become over whelmed after they have stepped up. I would like to make a request to everyone that when you see emails looking for people to help with a “task force” step up and give back. Task forces are a great way to give back but not have to make a long term commitment; typically a few meetings and/or calls are completed and then they are done. I have never heard anyone say they were sorry they stepped up and helped with a task force.

Now for a few updates:


This is very exciting. The new site is looking great. We have shared it with a few folks and it is getting very positive responses. Now the new site when released will continue to evolve and grow and there will be a lot of areas here as well that everyone will be able to contribute.

Political Advocacy

I want to start off by saying this is an amazing group. Besides continually learning about all sorts of things, I am proud to be a part of this committee. The committee has now narrowed down a huge list of issues to 5 topics to start addressing. We giving the committee a lot of resources utilizing both NHAR’s resources and an outside firm to help us as well.

As a side note, one of the items we are focusing on with the new website is to improve communications especially in the area of political topics. I have seen using “calls to action” in other areas to raise the attention of many other topics, so we are looking at making that easier thru the site. All of you will get to be the eyes and ears for us as well and help to make this the best site you go to for your business.

Remember to sample of taste of this great organization by attending our two Statewide Marketing sessions held each month. For details go to our website and click on Calendar of Events

3rd Friday in Portsmouth, NH

4th Wednesday in Bedford, NH

Lastly, we will be having a training session on Oct 24th on “Selling Businesses” presented by Don Marshall held at the Keller Williams conference room in Bedford.

All of the details for these and others can be found at under Calendar of events.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this month. And as always if you would like to see something appear in our message please reach out to me.

Mark Dickey 2014 NHCIBOR President NAI Norwood Group 603-668-7000 x 219

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