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NHCIBOR President, Mark Dickey“I belong to NHCIBOR because I have to or am supposed to”

Does this sound like you or some other member?

Okay, I get that this is starting off sounding like “another” pitch for NHCIBOR and yes there is some of that, but give me a few more moments of your time and when we are done I believe I will have left you with some interesting points to think about and ponder.

There are many basic valuable benefits when a member of CIBOR, and some are training events (which normally include continuing education credits), forms, and a large value being a part of NECPE which is our listing service.

A few updates on each of these valuable components: First training, your NHCIBOR leadership will be visiting the NH Real Estate Commission to work with them to improve the commercial training provided by us for our commercial brokers and agents. Second forms, we have a task force working on business brokerage forms. I will keep you updated as the year moves forward and I know they would enjoy input from those practicing business brokerage now. Lastly NECPE, we have been increasing the number of other organizations and government offices using NECPE to supply links for the general public to see your listings. This additional exposure over the year and into the future will be a huge plus for your businesses.

Now that I got those points covered, there is an aspect of this organization that seems to be one of the best kept secrets. This secret is our members and you our future members. I know everyone would agree with me, both real estate members and our valued affiliates that our businesses are always changing with different challenges continuing to pop up. What if you had a way to have them be both easier and profitable?

I have learned there are four levels of learning: 1) Unconscious incompetents – you don’t know what you don’t know; 2) Conscious incompetents – you know what you don’t know; 3) Conscious competents – you know, and have to think about it to get it done; 4) Being on auto-pilot. We have all seen others in our perspective industries that seem to make it look easy and do not have to even think about it. And on the other side we see folks that work really hard to do their best, and have a hard time with everything they are doing. What if there was a way to be on “auto-pilot”?

One of the most effective and quickest ways to arrive at the level of “auto-pilot” is by being around others who are already there and being able to have conversations with them. The members of NHCIBOR are these high level people and are happy to be supportive with all of their fellow members. One way is to attend our various afterhours events thru-out the year, like the one that was rescheduled, due to snow from last month, being held at the British Beer Co, in Portsmouth on March 13th. Another way is by attending the two Statewide Marketing sessions held each month.

3rd Friday in Portsmouth, NH

4th Wednesday in Bedford, NH

One other announcement, remember to register for our exciting event happening March 7th as part of our 1st Quarterly meeting being held in Bedford NH the event is called “Stay Out of Jail”. Past events like this have brought a very high attendance, so sign up early because we are limited to the number of people.

All of the details for these and others can be found at under Calendar of events.

Members and “not yet” members are welcome.

Look forward to meeting all of you this year and have a great time!!

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this month.

Mark Dickey
2014 NHCIBOR President
NAI Norwood Group
603-668-7000 x 219

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