President’s Message

Ralph Valentine


As New England based commercial real estate practitioners, we are all dealing with the tugging and pulling going on among the local, regional and national databases.  There are commercial-only databases, sometimes known as CIE’s or Commercial Information Exchanges. There are residential MLS systems with commercial components.  Sometime those components include sell and lease, sometimes sell only.  Your leadership is trying very hard to keep up with the changes which are coming.

We all know who the players are, but my focus will be on Catylist.  Some years ago, NECPE (New England Commercial Property Exchange) was contracting with Xceligent to provide our database platform.  The board tasked John Jackman and others to assess the competition and to recommend a replacement. The preferred provider was Catylist.  The system works fairly well for us.  But the system, as with any older system, can use some enhancements.

Catylist is currently undergoing a major upgrade. The current platform will be replaced with a new platform sometime in early to mid-2019.  Because this is a total make-over, we understand the product will be one of the most state-of-the-art available.   Catylist has not provided a sneak-peek at the new product yet, but we are expecting the new product to provide us with all the enhancements we have been asking for, and more.

Want to know more about Catylist and the team Catylist first hand?  Visit their booth next month when the annual NAR convention takes place right here in bean town.

BTW, we are actively looking for nominations for Board of Director positions on NHCIBOR and on NECPE.  Why volunteer for a position?  You will meet new people and learn a lot about how our industry functions.  But most important you will feel good about yourself for having volunteered.  As an aside, you will expand your sphere of influence among the leaders of our industry. Give myself, or anyone of our board members a call to explore this opportunity.

Already a Board Member?  Already sit on your local Zoning or Planning Board, or an Economic Development council?  Thank you very much for volunteering.


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