President’s Message

President’s Message
  Ralph Valentine

Advocacy: support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.  Did you know that RPAC, NAR’s Realtors Political Action Committee is one of the largest and most influential political advocacy organizations in the country?  Did you know that almost half of NAR’s staff is located in Washington DC?  All they do is advocate for us, on a national level.

But remember that all politics is local. RPAC funds are available to New Hampshire candidates.  RPAC funds are available to address legislation and issues which are important to us.  Issues such as the proposed requirement for statewide (NH) wetlands buffers, sprinklers for single family homes, point of sale water tests by Sellers, and more.  All mandates by the way which we defeated.

How are these funds made available?  All it takes is one call to Bob Quinn to start the ball rolling.

I recently sat through about 20 interviews of NH state senate candidates (the committee interviewed a total of 42 candidates) all arranged by Bob Quinn and NHAR’s staff.  Almost $40,000 was recommended for campaign contributions.  The $40K will be distributed among each of the 24 state senate races.

A big takeaway is that the committee was focused on one thing only: issues important to NH Realtors. There was little to no talk about parties, or party affiliation.  We support those candidates who are willing to fight for Realtor issues.  One other takeaway is that legislators rely on NAR, NHAR and YOU to help guide them through the issues.  And Bob Quinn is one of the most respected advocators in the state.

It is too bad that the NAR advocacy group is called a PAC.  The term means many things to different people.  Too bad they didn’t call it an advocacy group, something like the Realtors’ Legislative Advocacy Group.   Don’t be turned off by the term RPAC.

It is critically important we all support our advocacy group with a contribution which fits our budget, and to respond to the Calls for Action which come to you via email.   Are you involved in advocating for home ownership?  Try sitting on a committee in your town, for instance, which deals with zoning.  Step up and run for Zoning Board or Planning Board.

Your voice counts.  Make it heard.

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