President’s Message

President’s Message

Ralph Valentine 2018

CIBOR needs your help. 

 There are 2 bills floating around Concord which could allow the representation of parties to a real estate sale or lease WITHOUT A LICENSE.   That’s right, in the biggest financial transaction most consumers will undertake in their lifetimes, sometimes a few times over, the state legislature is giving serious consideration to this idea.  Rumor has it that the Governor will sign such a bill.

We need members to call, write or otherwise contact their state reps and their Senator and ask them NOT to support any legislation which could result in non-NH licensed parties representing seller/buyers and/or landlord/tenants. If you receive an email requesting a call to action for this issue, please make the call.

All licenses falling under the Office of Professional Licensure appear to be subject to this legislation.  One strategy is to make sure the bill doesn’t pass.  Another would be to get an exemption built into the bill for Real Estate. 

There is a shortage of certain medical techs and other medical professionals, and this appears to be the genesis of the legislation. We appreciate that the state is looking for ways to streamline the ability for certain professionals licensed in other states to get a quick start when they move to New Hampshire.  But we do not support this bill in its current form and content.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the details, look at HB1685.

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