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NHCIBOR President, Mark DickeyTime to get more involved in the government components that influence us in the commercial real world.

In the last few months there have been several political items from Concord that have caught our members’ attention as well as NHCIBOR’s  2nd quarter meeting titled, “Challenges in Development: Avoiding Overpromise in the Public Arena” consisting of a panel discussion lead by Ken Rhodes of CLD Consulting Engineers. The panel consisted of Jeff Johnston of Cathartes Investments, Dick Anagnost of Anagnost Investments, Arthur Sullivan of Brady Sullivan Properties and Steve Duprey of Foxfire Property Management.   At this meeting many real concerns and issues became very apparent to all who attended. One of the many suggestions I got from listening to the panel was we all need to be more pro-active to bring about positive change.  A direct suggestion was for REALTORS and Affiliates to join Zoning, Planning, Economic and other boards in the towns that they currently or are looking to do business in so the voice from the commercial real estate community can be heard.

I also have seen that a strong handful of people can bring about awareness to a topic and /or issue, that then the masses can make a difference to bring about change and improvements. With saying this, the leadership of NHCIBOR has begun to explore and look at direct steps to being more pro-active with topics that effect our members.

In addition, our “new” website design is progressing with some very exciting changes. One of the features will be supplying tools on the site to help our members and others to be must more informed of these topics and issues.

I look forward to updating you next month with where we are on all our exciting topics. I am reaching out to all the readers that if you would like to help and be one of those “strong handful” to bring about awareness, please let me know and would be honored to have you join in.

Remember to sample of taste of this great organization and attend our two Statewide Marketing sessions held each month. For details go to our website and click on Calendar of Events.

3rd Friday in Portsmouth, NH

4th Wednesday in Bedford,NH

Our 3rd Quarterly is scheduled to be held on Sept 26th and from the things I am hearing it will be also a great meeting, so make sure to block the time to attend.

Lastly, we will be having a training session on Oct 24th on “Selling Businesses” presented by Don Marshall held at the Keller Williams conference room in Bedford.

All of the details for these and others can be found at under Calendar of events.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this month. And as always if you would like to see something appear in our message please reach out to me.

Mark Dickey
2014 NHCIBOR President
NAI Norwood Group
603-668-7000 x 219

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