President’s Message

President’s Message
Kathy DeMello

As the New Hampshire Commercial Board of Realtors rolls into the new year our board is busy with a number of challenging tasks not uncommon to other professional associations.  These tasks include, but are not limited to, completing our latest strategic plan for the year, taking us into the future, guaranteeing our members have the most beneficial education and networking opportunities available, and that our committees and task forces are lead and staffed with knowledgeable professionals. 

More challenging and pertinent to Commercial Real Estate Professionals are our ongoing discussions and task forces addressing issues that directly affect the growth of the state and, therefore the business of Commercial Real Estate.  These include the high cost of energy, not only in New England, but New Hampshire specifically – keeping companies from coming to and/or expanding in the area, best practices in city and town planning, and obstacles that face developers in the state that challenge them in moving forward on their projects. 

All of these efforts are being addressed by volunteer committees and task forces.  Volunteerism sounds like a big commitment.  Doesn’t it?  Many of us volunteer in our communities, churches, charities, and children’s sports.  Have you volunteered for a committee or task force in your professional association?  I have found the rewards to be huge.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many more professionals who are willing to share their time and knowledge than I would have had I not raised my hand.  I’ve developed a deeper respect for those same professionals and have learned from them.  And I’ve been lucky enough to cultivate lifelong friends that understand my professional challenges and support each other in times of personal need.  So what have you got to lose?  What do you enjoy and are good at?  Where can your association use those talents?  It doesn’t have to be a year long committee.  Perhaps it’s a “one and done” task force or event. 

All of our committees and task forces could use some helping hands.  If you are a member of NHCIBOR and would like to share your talent give me a call and I’ll point you in the right direction!  Talk to you soon!

Kathy DeMello
NHCIBOR President 2017
Berkshire Hathaway Verani
175 Amherst St.
Nashua, NH 03063

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