President’s Message March 2016

Bob_Marchewka Photo President’s Message March 2016

Well, we all made it through to March.  Daylight Savings begins the 13th, Spring arrives on the 20th and another good year is on the way.

It’s gratifying to see good things happen as a result of collaboration between individuals and organizations with common objectives.  NH CIBOR ended February on a high note thanks to the efforts and participation of many of our Realtor and Affiliate members, our colleagues in the Real Estate Development Community and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

On February 22nd NH CIBOR hosted a Real Estate Forum focused on improving the real estate development process in the municipalities of the State of New Hampshire.  Participants included brokers, developers, engineers, architects and attorneys who are directly involved in the process of developing real estate.  There was much discussion about the process; what is working, what is not and why.

A follow up forum with municipal representatives will be held in the Fall to seek their unique opinions about the process.  A final forum will be held shortly thereafter that will seek out ways to make the development process easier for all participants to navigate, manage and comply with.  The results of these forums will be sent to NAR for national publication and distribution.

The forum was organized and hosted by Pat McDermott of Hinckley Allen Law Firm, Pat is a political policy consultant for NH CIBOR.  The facility was donated by Eversource and the program was underwritten by a grant from NAR.  This is a great start to a collaboration of local, regional and national real estate development stakeholders and NH CIBOR is proud to have been the catalyst.

Anyone with interest in helping NH CIBOR on this or other projects, committees or a task force can contact Allison Ropes


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