Plan NH Presents the Role of Community Design in Economic Development

Dear CIBOR member:

As someone who buys and sells properties, you understand the critical importance of not only the property, but of the neighborhood or community in which it is located.

AND, when dealing with businesses who want to relocate or find a place to start up, you understand that it is not the business that is looking, but real people who need to make that decision.  Real people with ideas about the quality of life they’d like to have once they step outside that door – whether from where they work, or where they live.

Tax breaks and other incentives certainly have their place, but you know that for business people and residents alike, it can make a difference if they can go outside into a green space, or walk to a coffee shop, or ride their bike to work.

For economic growth, people are needed.  And people want to be where the quality of life is good for them.  At Plan NH, we believe that communities themselves can make this happen.

On October 26 and 27, Plan NH will host a conference that will raise awareness of this very notion:  The role of community design in economic growth and development. Attendees will learn what quality of life elements people look for, as well as how they really do contribute to economic growth.  Attendees will also learn what assets a community can build that will support a healthy economy.  Later, they will hear what the City of Dover has had to do to become the success it is today, and will hear about some specific areas that could be looked at more closely.

We have developed this conference with you, in large part, in mind.

We have applied for credits for you for this conference, and hope you will take advantage by attending, enhancing your knowledge and perspective.

Go to and click on the event page for more information and to register.

We also invite you to consider becoming a sponsor, showing your support for the concept that quality of life matters to the people you serve and to the communities you work in.  How wonderful it would be to have your name showcased!

Please find attached the agenda as it is today, and sponsor information.

Thank you for taking the time to look this over.


Robin H. LeBlanc

Executive Director
Plan New Hampshire

Plan NH October 2017 Conference Detailed Agenda

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