June 2014 Seacoast Marketing Meeting Minutes

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20 June 2014 NHCIBOR New Hampshire Commercial Investment Board of Realtors Minutes of Seacoast Marketing Session Tad and Nick Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy New England were the breakfast sponsors.  They are merging White Columns, the commercial focused business, into Neighborhood Energy.  Neighborhood Energy will be able to handle both large commercial accounts for natural gas and electricity as well as smaller scale business and residential accounts for just electricity.  They are focused on New England but do have clients in 10 states.  The business has been up and running for 10 years and they have helped 500 businesses and now have thousands of smaller scale accounts.  They help both with discount of energy rates as well as energy optimization.  For the commercial scale accounts they can really help companies that can take advantage of demand response where their use during the day is adjusted away from peak use times to gain lower rates.  Theirs is a value proposition that outperforms the default utility rate with no capital outlay.Cash BuyersTony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture is licensed in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts and noted that Architects can help with building or space assessments in terms of layout, cost, codes, and cuteness.Nick Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy says it is free to sign up and one can do so online.Peter Billipp with Kane has an investor client looking for self storage opportunities.  They are an all cash buyer who will pay Peter’s fees.  They can do any size with the bigger the better anywhere in New England.  They prefer existing but will consider land with approvals. Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has a buyer looking in Dover for a 5,000 to 10,000 sf  industrial condo for an electrical contractor.  Land is OK.  They will consider building.  They are looking in the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton area and would consider a lease as well. Tom House with THA Architects passed around some renderings for Seabrook Crossings that he is doing for Waterstone and for which DeStefano Associates is doing the construction.Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker has a Veterinarian looking for a facility from Dover to Hampton and out to Epping.  An existing facility would be fine.  They would also consider converting something or building.  The need is for 5,000 sf or so.Jim Schwartz with Jewett Construction serves up design/build.  They started in the 1970’s.Andy Ward with Colliers has an office buyer looking in Portsmouth for 3,500 sf with the ability to expand in the future that is commuter friendly with 8 parking spaces.  An office condo is the likely solution and they need to move quickly.Andrew Shakely with Nutec Corp offers Architecture, Interiors, Structural, and MEP in house.  They do a lot with commercial, industrial, as wall as food & beverage.Karen Pollard with City of Rochester Economic Development made a cameo appearance due to the shifting of Mary Ellen Humphrey to the Town of Durham Economic Development.Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith thanked Marie Bodi for a great member orientation.Robert Cruess with TF Moran noted that David Choate won Realtor of the Year and Marie Bodi was honored with an honor award at the NHCIBOR annual picnic which TF Moran hosted.  There were more than a 100 people who showed up for the good cheer and steer.David Hodgdon with PCG and ClicknFix can help keep the “I” in your IT and not let the information dissolve by duffer or those diabolic.  David also has 1500 sf for rent on Mirona Road where the first two months is freely free.  They also have some room available at 19 Weeks Lane.Priscilla MacInnis with Citizens joined us again after a period away and let us know of her new place of employ, Citizens Bank.  Jay Comstock with Real Property Management handles all scale of residential and helps investors have less stress and so grow their portfolio.Francoise Meissner with Coldwell Banker is back on the scene now as a dealer in real estate after having sold the ground based aerial photography business. Don Marshall with Marshall Associates deals in businesses being dealt for deals and dreams.Rob Spaulding with Berkshire Hathaway Verani has lots of cash buyers looking to invest.  Rob does have somebody looking for 3,000 to 10,000 sf of single tenant from Rye to Seabrook that has a lot of curb appeal and does not need a lot of rehab.Sean Peters with KW Commercial has a hunt on for a grocery store in Manchester from 10,000 to 15,000 sf near South Willow Street. Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties is looking for 1031 exchanges in the 5 to 12 million dollar range and has 60 days or so.  They would like to be on the Seacoast in New Hampshire or Maine and this will probably be a retail strip. Cam Woodford with Commercial Properties is looking for 10,000 sf of commercial along the Seacoast in Maine and New Hampshire.Nina Cutts with the Institution for Savingsalso serves on the Coastal Economic Development Corporation Board.  They help with gap financing from 25 to 500 thousand when it can be shown that jobs are created or retained.  Although this is Seacoast focused, they can refer to similar organizations for other areas.Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood is looking for 6,000 to 12,000 sf in Portsmouth or Dover to lease or purchase that needs some outside storage too.Anne Bonaventura with  Provident Bank is in business development and happy to develop businesses and developments.Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has two cash buyers that he mentioned.  One is looking for large land parcels with significant gravel resources.  The other is a large multi-family buyer and is looking for 150 plus units in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Ray Dugdale with Optima Bank announced his switch to this new lending house.  Ray is going to service the Seacoast and Northern Massachusetts bringing his broad experience base to enable real estate and business deals.Bob Viel with Remax Insight has sights set on seedy, sinking, slimy, stinky, scary, listing, listings.  If they also have mold, mildew, pcbs and asbestos, that’s even better.  Single and multi-families up to 1.5 million dollars in acquisition costs are what they like to fix and flip. Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA noted the notes that they have been receiving in the press with the BizEd Connect which brings students into part time jobs.  This helps them clarify what to pursue in their education and make them more marketable after school.  The Dover BizEd Connect program is running at 100% rate of success with graduates receiving job offers.  The companies are delighted too as they are then hiring people full time who can contribute meaningfully from the start.  This and the success of  Enterprise Park (and the search for land for Phase 2) has gotten lots of ink. Christian Stallkamp with CBRE thanked Dan Barufaldi for helping with a tax incentive detail that was lost in a shuffle.  Christian really appreciated the help getting the property out the door.  Christian also has a hunt on for 2,000 to 4,000 sf in Portsmouth, North Hampton, or Hampton to house a medical office.  Sale is preferred, but they will consider a long term lease like 10 years.Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance offers commercial lines of insurance from Seaside Hampton.Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates announced the opening of their Epping office.  They are building Bob’s Furniture Stores in Maine and New Jersey as well as a high end home in York, Maine.Nick Aube with Avery Insurance covers you carefully and assuredly.  Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates, based in Amherst, New Hampshire, offers CM for tenant improvements and new buildings in Southern Maine, Northern Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.Marie Bodi with CP Management is a 3rd party property manager selling sound sleep to investors with holdings in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island.Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development was delayed in arriving because of a turnaround project to go back and get her phone.  Chris also commented on how we are so dependent on these PDAs. David Choate with Colliers has somebody looking for a smallish motel/hotel along the New Hampshire or Maine Coastline.AnnouncementsThe statewide NHCIBOR marketing meeting occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 9:00 to 10:15 at 166 South River Road in Bedford. Bi-annual continuing ed requirement is increasing from 12 to 15 hours.The Real Estate Commission has recently taken over jurisdiction with regards to the matter of unlicensed out of state brokers doing business in New Hampshire.  The Commission is going to be much more able to seek and fine violators than is the Attorney General’s office.  David Choate is happy for this switch and reached out to all brokers and affiliates to notify the Commission if they become aware of entities that are not licensed by the State of New Hampshire acting as brokers.  Out of state companies, without New Hampshire licenses, are not allowed to list or co-list.Listings Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture shared that Carriage Hill Assisted Care has successfully navigated a couple of years of Planning & Zoning Board hoops in Madbury and is now in the construction drawing phase. Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energyreminded us that their natural gas program is only for large commercial accounts at this time.Nick Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy noted that they only offer fixed rates unlike much of their competition. Peter Billipp with Kane has a 5,500 sf building in Barrington that is for sale or lease. Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has seen a clear uptick in interest in land listings after a long quiet spell.  Durham Business Landing is a pretty land offering with waterfront views.  Also Bob has a Brentwood site that is good for light manufacturing or office for 275 thousand dollars.  In Exeter, Bob has a Commercial Way parcel priced at 300 thousand dollars that has 5 acres and could host a 30,000 to maybe even 50,000 sf building.Fred Attalla with Weichert PEYT is having a bit of a time of it finding a buyer for a very solid sale/leaseback investment.  One Pine Road in Exeter is a fairly new building that houses Mast Climbers, a scaffolding company.  Mast Climbers is fine with signing up to do the leaseback for 5 to 10 years and will take care of all other costs of the deal besides 5,000 dollars for a NOI valuation.  Fred’s other listing mentioned was The Page Restaurant.  They are close to a deal, but are still accepting proposals for this offering that could be a mixed use including a restaurant with bar.  One cannot propose dance clubs or a bar without dining.Tom House with THA Architects can assist with master planning and tenant fitups. Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker has two brick buildings in Rochester that have 32 units of residential and commercial going for 1.6 million dollars and lots of creative and alternative financing to boot.  Also, give Ralph a quick call if you or yours would like to get the key to a turnkey restaurant across from the Holy Grail in Epping.  Cost of key:  $219,900.Jim Schwartz with Jewett Construction has in house steel erectors along with dealerships for 3 different pre-engineered building companies.  They placed 250,000 sf of steel last year.Andy Ward with Colliers has 104 Congress Street, The Kearsarge House, in Portsmouth.  There are still two small units left of 600 sf and 800 sf.  They are going for $1195 per month and $1295 per month, respectively, plus electricity.  Both are on the 2nd floor and very nice.  The larger space has two separate entries from the corridor and so could be subdivided.Andrew Shakely with Nutec Corp offers Architecture and Engineering along with brownfields work, renovation, adaptive reuse, and property surveys.Karen Pollard with Rochester Economic Development relayed that there are still a couple of parcels available in the Granite State Business Park where Waterstone is building a new shopping center. Bill Cormier with Hourihane Cormier Realty has an offering on Rochester Hill Road almost across the road from the Rochester Airport with 3,100 sf and exam rooms going for 240 thousand dollars.  Nearby Bill just got the call for a psychologist’s 1,500 sf office that is now available for 120 thousand dollars.Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith is happy to bring professional services to your door.Robert Cruess with TF Moran is working on a 600 thousand square foot distribution facility in Bow.  They are providing the Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and road design.  Pro Logics owns the operation, UPS is going to provide staff and manage, and Pratt and Whitney is the end user.  There are a lot of robots running around doing the picking and Robert got picked for an article in the New England Real Estate Journal.David Hodgdon with PCG and ClicknFix provides a higher standard of care for your IT.  They have some great new clients and are helping sponsor the Cocheco Arts Festival.  Dave reminded us of his 1,500 sf in Portsmouth on Mirona Road glowing with IT perks.  Two months free! Priscilla MacInnis with Citizens Bank is covering from Rochester to the Seacoast to Manchester to Massachusetts. Mark Sullivan with Seacoast Asset Management advises to include investment advisers as part of investors buying real estate singly or as a group.  Mark also talked up Veterans Count, the organization he is involved with that gets dollars to vets and their families quickly.Jay Comstock with Real Property Management doesn’t do sales and so you don’t have to sweat loosing sales commissions to him.  Jay will take great care of your clients and pass them back when they are ready to add to, or reduce, the portfolio.Francoise Messier with Coldwell Banker is happy to be back. Don Marshall with Marshall Associates helps business sellers properly value their business instead of basing the business sale on the hoped for boat to buy.

Rob Spaulding with Berkshire Hathaway Verani also is representing a Solar Group that is looking for large roofs to plunk some solar banks on.  Something like High Liner Foods would be sweet. Sean Peters with KW Commercial has an 11 unit apartment building coming on the market soon that is fully leased with a 53,000 net income and is yours for $500K at Milton Three Ponds. Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties is licensed in both Maine and New Hampshire.  Susan highlighted the Coast Mall in Ellsworth, Maine again that has 2 million visitors per year pass by the on the way to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island.  Marketing will be aggressive. Cam Woodson with Commercial Properties has 21,000 sf going for 8.50 dollars psf NNN or 1.6 million dollars at 3 Industrial Parkway, Brunswick, Maine.  May be good for a call center.Nina Cutts with Institution for Savings helps with Commercial Lending throughout the Seacoast.  Nina also let us know about a fundraiser for www.homebaseprogram.org. Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development cheerfully ceded the shoe of the day award to David Hodgdon.  The lace race was close but Dave’s colors clinched.  Chris let us know that the former police station is a solid brick building and right downtown.  She envisions retail on the bottom and residential on the upper floors with no holes barred.Peter Gluckler with Masiello Better Homes and Garden Real Estate has a 95 unit subdivision for 55 and over in Eliot, Maine.  This is also has a dementia care component and can only be built in phases due to some sewer capacity restrictions.John Konevich with Alliance Capital Funding is an independent commercial lending broker.  Assisting commercial entities access capital through a national network of funding sources and funds is fun.  John can help with government guaranteed money, hard money, and sub-prime dough.  He covers a lot of uses and sources of funds. Sean Grady with Prudential Financialworks with real estate professionals, developers, investors, and property managers on estate planning.Susan Miltner with Seacoast Business Machines invited all to a lunch and learn they are sponsoring with regards to smart white boards where you can have people remotely participating in the interaction on the board.  This can all connect with your Sharp copier for archiving and indexing.Andy Fleisher with NAI Norwood has space available along Route 1 South in Portsmouth at the corner with Heritage Avenue where the Beach Plum, Papa Gino’s, Hertz, and an Asian restaurant are located.  They also have an incoming craft Irish beer brew house on the way in.  Come join the “brew ha ha” for 10 to 18 dollars psf depending on the details. Anne Bonaventura with  Provident Bank shared that they are a Massachusetts chartered bank and that allows for a unique offering.  Deposits with them are insured up and beyond the FDIC limits.  They can offer insurance on 100% of all deposits. Dave Garvey with KW Commercial has a brand new listing in Lee that is a campground.  This is a solid 10 cap covering 65 acres and pond frontage going for 1.25 million dollars.Ray Dugdale with Optima Bank had interacted with Optima a number of times from his previous place of employ and was so impressed he jumped ship.  Optima has great programs and great people who work really industriously.  Ray is very familiar with multi-families as well as all SBA programs.Bob Viel with Remax Insight has a listing in Newington that is a great deal at $269,900 or $1295 per month on 2.17 acres. Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA noted that during construction of the Dover parking garage on First Street they will be doing a number of things to assure plenty of parking during the construction.  They also continue the hunt for a restaurant operator to lease the planned for Waterfront space that is going to have a water fountain.  Dover has also recently expanded the TIF district to include the whole downtown so developers don’t have to be afraid of costs of infrastructure.Christian Stallkamp with CBRE has an investment opportunity in Exeter where he has 64,000 sf of multi-tenant industrial at an 8 cap.  In Newmarket, Christian has 20,000 sf of high bay space with loading dock.  This is great flex space.Barbara Lizotte with Tobey & Merrill Insurance helps keep things covered in New Hampshire.Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates is building 300,000 sf of mall and restaurant in Rochester and 150,000 sf of retail in Scarborough, Maine.Nick Aube with Avery Insurance commented on their commercial insurance attributes and abilities. Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates relayed that their best value is early on with proformas and assisting in seeing if things are financially viable.Marie Bodi with CP Management also likes to help early on and help align market surveys, finishes, and layouts with likely customer preferences.David Choate with Colliers has a boomerang listing.  The Conproco building deal fell apart and so this 30,000 sf high bay beauty is back and will be gone before you know it.  Act fast.  30,000 sf with 4,000 sf of office and two loading docks going for 6 dollars psf NNN or for you right now at 1.8 million dollars.  David also has a two year sublease at 121 Shattuck Way at Great Bay Commons where Sport and Spine are now.  The rate has been reduced from 14 dollars psf NNN and is now 12 dollars NNN with even some play there.  These 2406 sf are nice, open, and there are a couple of offices. Haves and Wants Tony Fallon with Tony Fallon Architecture shared that Ogunquit Playhouse Dormitory is still wending its way through Planning Board.Tad Dziemian with Neighborhood Energy pointed us to friend them on Facebook and to check out  their website:   www.neighborhoodenergyne.com.  Peter Billip with Kane cooperated with David Choate on some land in Dover successfully and has enjoyed doing a lot with David over the years.

Bob Marchewka with One Commercial has an offering in Somersworth that looks like there could be two retail on the first floor and 4 apartments on the upper floors all with parking a plenty.Ralph Pope with Coldwell Banker just listed a tanning salon for $159,900 and is on the hunt for administrative space for a cremation company.  They need 1,000 to 2,000 sf in the Seacoast area and ideally would locate in Dover.  Ralph also thanked David Hodgdon for doing great stuff in the acquisition of a new laptop.Andy Ward with Colliers has 25 acres and 14 lumber yard buildings for sale and lease in Nottingham at the Fernald Lumber site.  Buy all this for 725 thousand dollars and call Andy about what can be leased for what.Andrew Shakely with Nutec Corp can help with picturing unattractive listings and visualizing renovations.Karen Pollard with Rochester Economic Developmentannounced that the City of Rochester has decided to pick up the tab for infrastructure improvements to Route 11 from the Spaulding Turnpike to the Town of Farmington.  The first phase of this is a 5 million dollar investment that will not be charged to the developers or the developments popping up all over Route 11.Bill Cormier with Hourihane Cormier Realty coincidentally has a couple of listings with homes and businesses.  One is on Rochester Hill Road where Beloin Construction has put their home and shop up for sale at 550 thousand dollars.  The 3400 sf shop is behind a beautiful home.  In Milton, there is a pretty older home with a 4 story barn for $399,900.Vince Chestnut with Alpha Locksmith can help get the knox box item knocked off the list.Robert Cruess with TF Moran floated some info about Bonta that was tentative.  It seems the owner, Paul Montrone, has sold the restaurant to Chuck Rolocekp who designed the former CR Sparks in Bedford.David Hodgdon with PCG and ClicknFix shared that most people have 4 computer based devices now.  Hodgdon can help handle these happily so all are happy.Jay Comstock with Real Property Management covers from the Seacoast to Manchester.Don Marshall with Marshall Associates offers aggressive referral fees for business sales deals.Susan Scanlon with Commercial Properties talked up some other openings in the Bangor area.  If you are interested in Maine, they can help. Cam Woodson with Commercial Properties reminded us that they also do property management providing full scale asset management services in Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire. Nina Cutts with Institution for Savings has money to lend including long term fixed rates.  Nina thanked Barb Lizotte for helping with some flood insurance in an unusual deal where flood insurance had to purchased for some condos to be torn down. Christine Soutter with City of Somersworth Economic Development says don’t let all the construction scare you off from their great offerings.  Things will look lovely once the dust settles!  Come on down to delightful downtown Somersworth and avail yourself of the available 79E and ER Zone tax incentives to leverage the deals of delight. Peter Gluckler with Masiello Better Homes and Garden Real Estate has someone looking for a 60 room motel that is seasonal.John Konevich with Alliance Capital Funding has a client who has acquired 5 acres and received approval for a 9 home subdivision that is seeking an equity partner or contractor to build the roads and 1700 sf homes that are going to be in the mid 400 thousand dollar range. Sean Grady with Prudential Financial is happy to help plan dollar growth. Susan Miltner with Seacoast Business Machines pointed at us and alerted us that we are responsible for captured information on copier hard drives.  Wipe them or replace them before you get rid of a copier.Anne Bonaventura with  Provident Bank is interested in helping with commercial services including deposits.Dan Barufaldi with DBIDA let us know that the Gundalow relocation fundraiser to place the Gundalow near the Children’s Museum in Dover is doing well. Christian Stallkamp with CBRE dropped the news with us that there has been a price drop to 309 thousand dollars for 4500 sf and at 73 Corporate Drive where he has 12,000 sf.  Butch Ricci with DeStefano Associates is helping build a brewery in Kittery that is one of his favorite projects.  We wonder why?  David Choate chimed in that he liked 75 Albany Street that Butch owns and redid as a furniture consignment shop with Tom House doing the design.Bill Jean with Fulcrum Associates let us know about a charity that hooks up families with members battling cancer with free one week getaways.  If you have or know of offerings that would like to offer some free space for a week, give Bill a call or go to www.oneweekfoundation.org.Marie Bodi with CP Management thanked Tad and Nick for breakfast, Ellen Bates for lunch, and Robert Cruess for dinner.  Yum.David Choate with Colliers has a building in Rochester at 36 Industrial Way that is a terrific deal at 5 dollars psf NNN and that David believes won’t be available a few years out.  David thinks this is a seminal moment for Rochester and that Rochester, The North, is about to rise again.  Tom and Chris Riley, the owners, will even serve up one year’s free rent for the right deal at this 48,000 sf offering that can be broken up many ways.  Come on in at the ground floor for this launch.Note from Tony Fallon Architecture: These Minutes are what I understand people to have said at this meeting. Please contact people referenced to verify and clarify. Next Meeting is 8:00 – 9:45 am Friday 18 July 2014 at One New Hampshire Avenue, Third Floor Conference Room Pease TradeportThe sponsor will be Saint Mary’s Bank

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