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March 23, 2023

Over 7,000 Realtor emails sent to state representatives

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to “Lay on the Table” House Bill 507, which would have permitted the unlicensed practice of over 40 professions in New Hampshire, including real estate. The House Executive Department and Administration (ED&A) Committee had previously deadlocked, 10-10, in recommending final passage of HB 507.

Tabling is a somewhat complicated legislative maneuver, but the House action all but eliminates the chance of HB 507 becoming law this year. The vote was 308 in favor of tabling (supporting NHAR’s position), and 71 against.

One legislator, who had voted for the bill in the ED&A committee, commented during Wednesday’s debate that he had come to realize that the legislation was “incredibly unpopular with constituents” and therefore encouraged others who had previously supported the bill to vote in favor of the tabling motion. 

Nearly 1,900 REALTORS from across the state responded to NHAR’s Call for Action, which resulted in over 7,000 emails being sent to local representatives. Your voice undoubtedly impacted the decision of House leadership not to pass HB 507.

Thank you to everyone who took action in protecting consumers and real estate professionals.

For more information, contact New Hampshire Realtors CEO Bob Quinn:

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