Call for Action! Urge Legislators to Protect Property Owners: Oppose HB 655

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Call for Action!

Poorly-defined HB655 would make homeowners responsible for their ‘disorderly’ guests, tenants

This week the House will take up House Bill 655, relative to “disorderly houses.” The House Municipal and County Affairs Committee voted narrowly to recommend that this bill should pass, but NHAR asks you to please let your Representatives know that as a REALTOR, you are opposed to House Bill 655.

HB 655 would allow for actions of a tenant or guest in a residence to result in $1,000 fines (RSA 31:39-III) to a landlord or the property owner for “disorderly activity.” Under HB 655, a landlord could be subject to significant fines as a result of that tenants actions. However, that landlord would not be given any added means to evict that tenant. As a result, a tenant could continue to rack up fines for which the landlord could be held responsible.

HB 655 would mean the owner of a building could be subject to fines if his or her tenant is deemed to be making “loud noises,” or if there is simply “intoxication of the occupants of the building.” The bill would also make the owner of a single-family subject to fines due to the actions of their guests.

NHAR is not opposed to allowing municipalities additional authority to regulate properties which are continually creating disturbances, but HB 655 is poorly written and undermines private property rights.

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