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           Matt Bacon

This year, I’ve gotten several questions, clarifications, and looks of confusion over exactly what NHCIBOR and NECPE do and how we’re different than other boards and property sites. Our core purpose is to advance the professionalism and service to our community’s property owners, from a commercial perspective. Officially, our mission statement is:

To create an environment for the success of our members by providing a central source of pertinent information, education, products and services that, in conjunction with the standards of the National Association of REALTORS®, are dedicated to the advancement of commercial real estate and commercial real estate practitioners.

A common question I’ve heard is “how do we do that best with people that don’t yet know the commercial real estate community?” Our duty is to uphold the Code of Ethics we all must accept and be periodically refreshed on first, and inviting people with questions to attend one of our quarterly education events, or professional development series meetings is a great way to do that. They’re custom tailored to focus on things from this perspective, and are entirely focused on raising the level of professionalism and service that we as members provide to the rest of the community. We keep these meetings open to non-members to help them learn about topics they’re interested in, as well as to be exposed to what CIBOR is.

With regards to NECPE, our organization founded it to promote and foster information exchange that serves the commercial community.  While the MLS and other third party sites serve purposes well, no other locally-available services are controlled by a board of commercial practitioners dedicated to a purely commercial focus, fully aligning to the Realtor Code of Ethics. 

Recently, there has been a full revamp of the contract with our site’s data provider, Catylist. One of our dedicated board members, and president- elect, Ethan Ash, had this to say about the new contract.

“The NECPE Data Policy and Catylist Contract Renegotiation task force dedicated a year and a half to thoroughly explore various options for our members to utilize as a property exchange. During this process, we carefully assessed key factors such as listing visibility, data ownership, user-friendliness, and pricing to determine the most suitable platform. We are delighted to announce that we have successfully renegotiated a deal with Catylist, our long-term partner in collaboration with NECPE and NHCIBOR for over a decade. We are enthusiastic about introducing the updated platform to our members later this year.”

As summer winds down and we look forward to the launch of our new platform, enjoy your time in this beautiful state, and welcome anyone with questions to check out our website at, or reach out to a current board member!



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