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As President of a commercial board, it’s crucial to remember the broader Realtor community we serve and the invaluable resources provided by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). While my focus often centers on commercial industry updates, it’s essential to highlight NAR’s tools and education offerings benefiting our members and the industry as a whole.

One standout resource is Realtors Property Resources (RPR), significantly enhanced for  commercial agents through partnerships with platforms like CREXi, Brevitas, and Catylist. These collaborations have vastly improved access to accurate listings, comparable properties, and market trends, elevating commercial real estate data. RPR’s comprehensive platform, drawing from public records, aids members in discovering off-market opportunities, accessing property information, and generating reports—all at no additional cost.

NAR’s initiatives extend beyond data provision. It has developed website platforms tailored for commercial agents, enhancing marketing strategies and lead generation. Moreover, NAR offers educational videos and collaborates with esteemed designations like Accredited Land Consultants and Certified Commercial Investment Members, enriching members’ expertise and professional development.

Crucially, NAR’s impact transcends member benefits. Its advocacy efforts, notably through the Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC), safeguard property owners’ rights and the real estate industry’s integrity. RPAC’s support in landmark Supreme Court cases has upheld property owners’ rights against unjust fees and government interference. Challenging excessive impact fees and advocating for policies like the preservation of the 1031 exchange, NAR defends the affordability and accessibility of housing while bolstering the economy.

NAR’s advocacy spans national, state, and local levels, ensuring the resilience of a vital economic sector. This monumental work, driven by dedicated staff and volunteers, safeguards the interests of Realtor members and property owners alike. Those passionate about supporting NAR’s mission can engage with their local Realtor board to contribute to these efforts.

In summary, beyond serving as a conduit for commercial industry updates, recognizing and leveraging NAR’s resources is essential for fostering a thriving real estate community. From robust data platforms to advocacy initiatives, NAR’s multifaceted contributions bolster both the professional success of its members and the vitality of the real estate sector.

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