Executive Order from Gov. Chris Sununu

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As we all try to navigate this new business environment it’s imperative for all of us to adhere to the Executive Order from Governor Sununu not only for our industry and keeping the designation but looking out and protecting each other within our community to flatten the curve and keeping our families safe.


Attached is the breakdown of the executive order from the Governor designating real estate as essential and outlining how we should all be conducting business  (p.11)  Exhibit-A-to-Emergency-Order-17-List-of-Essential-Businesses-(1)



In addition guidance from the State’s Attorney General on what could happen in the event you don’t follow the guidelines


  • Violation of the Executive Order can result in a misdemeanor (RSA 21-P:47)
  • Potential violation of disorderly conduct statute; creating hazard to oneself or another in a public place (RSA 644:2).
  • Businesses can be Fined of up to $20,000 if found guilty of a misdemeanor.


Stay safe and stay connected with the ever changing environment


Christian Stallkamp
President NHCIBOR and NECPE

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