Ethics 101 with Leigh Brown Feb. 15th OR 16th: A ZOOM Prof. Stds. Workshop

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Ethics 101 with Leigh Brown Feb. 15 OR 16:
A Zoom Professional Standards Workshop

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Be sure to protect it with the Professional Standards Workshop, NHAR’s annual Code of Ethics study, which is approved for the NAR-required biennial ethics training. The course is being taught by one of NAR’s most highly acclaimed professional standards trainers, Leigh Brown (pictured at right).

The 2022 event, “No Longer *JUST* a Realtor®,” is scheduled for February 15 or 16 (choose one) via Zoom, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (registration begins at 9), with two, 10-minute breaks. The cost is $20.

It is designed to meet the requirements of the NH Grievance and Professional Standards committees and Board of Directors. Additionally, the program is pending three credit hours in New Hampshire and  Vermont. Attendees must be in the meeting by 9:30 a.m. to receive credit.

About Leigh Brown

Many know Leigh for her accomplishments as a highly successful Realtor and best-selling author. This just begins to scratch the surface. She is also an award-winning educator and influencer, an innovative CEO and must-see keynote speaker. She has spoken all over the world – from Garden City to Phnom Penh – actively educating professionals in every realm of business leadership and relationships.

Leigh is a do-it-all professional who has worked with all ranges of the professional spectrum, from new-to-the-trade rookies to CEOs of massively successful brands. It is her ability to articulate complex concepts in ways that everyone can relate to that makes her leadership so impactful.

To learn more about Leigh:

Facebook: leighbrownspeaker
Youtube: leighbrownspeaker
Instagram: leighthomasbrown
LinkedIn: leighthomasbrown
Twitter: leighbrown
Podcast: Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate

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