Call to Action! Support Private Property Rights: SB 249

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Please take action to support
private property rights: SB 249

The House Municipal and County Committee is currently discussing Senate Bill 249, relative to a property owner’s ability to rent his or her home as a short-term rental. NHAR asks you to let your Representative know that you support Senate Bill 249.

With just two clicks, you can help.


We believe that short-term rentals should be well-regulated but not banned, and SB 249 would strike that very reasonable balance – prohibiting a municipality from banning a one- or two-family residence from being used as a vacation or short-term rental, while expanding its authority to require owners of short-term rentals to register with the town. It would also maintain a community’s authority to regulate parking, noise, health, safety and sanitation.

In short, SB 249 protects the rights of a town’s property owners while ensuring the safety of its residents.

The bill already has passed the Senate, but the House of Representative will be a significant challenge to passage. Your voice could make the difference. Please click on the link above to take action.

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