‘Back to Basics’ Episode 3: Due Diligence Process (Buyer Perspective)

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November 3, 2020

‘Back to Basics’ Episode 3:
Due Diligence Process (buyer)

The NHAR Risk Management Subcommittee is proud to present the third episode in its “Back to Basics” video series.

The series will feature NHAR legal counsel Matt Johnson and various members of the subcommittee discussing 12 elements of the real estate transaction – six from the buyer perspective, six from the seller perspective – with both practical and legal implications in mind. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we believe you will likely benefit from a fresh look at the process, both in terms of risk management and best practices.

NHAR will release two new videos per week, one Tuesday and one Thursday, for six weeks. Today’s episode features attorney Johnson and subcommittee member Josh Greenwald discussing the Due Diligence process from the buyer’s perspective.

For links to the “Back to Basics” videos that have previously been released, click here, or see the schedule below:
Episode 1: Initial meeting (Oct. 27)
Episode 2: Buyer Agency Agreement (Oct. 29)
Episode 3  Due Diligence Process (Nov. 3)
Episode 4: Offer Process (Nov. 5)
Episode 5: Inspection Process (Nov. 10)
Episode 6: Final Walk-Through and Closing (Nov. 12)
Episode 7: Initial Meeting (Nov. 17)
Episode 8: Seller Agency Agreement (Nov. 19)
Episode 9: Offer Process (Nov. 24)
Episode 10: Inspection Process (Nov. 26)
Episode 11: Financing Contingency (Dec. 1)
Episode 12: Final Walk-Through and Closing (Dec. 3)

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